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VLAD #5 - Introduction


    It's that time of the month peoples.. vlad is back in the house
    once more with another issue of our most excellent zine.  This
    issue took a little longer to get out than usual but it's here
    at last.  Most of the members went on vacation to various places
    around the globe so I couldn't get in touch with them for quite
    some time.  Although this issue is a little bare of vlad goodies,
    things should be back to normal next issue.

    Since the scripts for the viruses in this issue took up over
    500k we decided to bundle them all up and stick them in a zip.
    The zip is garbled with a password which is "I_agree" (without
    the quotes ;)  Plus we had enough spaces to fill up the whole
    thing, but if we should be down a few articles expect to see
    the scripts right back there in the mag ;).

    There hasn't been that much action in and around the virus 
    scene of late, but I'll try and remember as much as I can.
    Don't forget, if you find any grammar or spelling mistakes 
    in here, deal with it.  Sending me email notifying me of 
    each individual mistake is not much fun.. well not much fun
    for me to read anyways..

    The group is once more six due to Quantum deciding to leave,
    his reason being his laziness.  I convinced him to finish 
    the virus he was working on so it'll be his last contribution.
    According to him, he's off to do bigger and better things 
    but we'll see about that ;)

    It seems our friend Rod Fewster has gained himself a position
    of power (heh).  He's now the moderator for the fidonet virus
    echo.  Originally Edwin Cleeton was the moderator, but he 
    quit then Jeff Cook took over.  Now it's over to Rod, I 
    haven't checked out the echo in quite some time but I'm sure 
    Rod's making a right fuck up of things.

    Vesselin Bontchev released a text file documenting the flaws
    and failings of Zvi Netiv's AV program Invircible.  It was 
    taken off Bontchev's site by the admin there and Zvi was 
    threatening legal action, but I haven't heard of anything 
    actually goin' on.  Don't really care to be honest, AV 
    wars are becoming a little tiresome these days.

    A member of the Taiwan Power Virus Organisation (TPVO) 
    recently decided to alter my (Black Avenger's) virus "mon 
    ami la pendule" and call it his own.  He named it "blue 
    sad" and it got a feature article in a Taiwan PC magazine.
    The other members of TPVO are a little peeved with Dark 
    Tommy for doing this, and er hopefully it won't happen 
    again ;)

    VLAD has made it into the papers locally, getting mentioned
    in an article relating to the threat of viruses to win95.
    The author of the article is David Young, the same guy who
    contributed to crypt 30, and the person he interviewed for his
    information is Roger Thompson co-creator of Virus Buster, who
    now lives in Atlanta.  I'm too lazy to type out the whole article
    so here are the good bits:

     "He expects the number of viruses to slow down briefly as virus
      writers adapt themselves to the new Windows 95 environment.

      However, one Australian virus writing group, VLAD, is posting
      messages on electronic bulletin boards that claim it will
      have a Windows 95 virus ready when the new operating system
      is launched in about two weeks."

    This comment must refer to comments made in NuKEnet, which is
    monitored heavily by Anti-Virus people.  What we actually said
    was "VLAD is working on a Win 95 virus", not that we have one
    ready.  We have worked out how to append code to PE executables,
    change the program entry to it and return safely to the host,
    but we don't know how to call the kernel functions, this is
    what is holding us back.  Although not many people know it,
    Win32/WinNT/Win95 all use the same file format, so there is
    great potential for infection.

    I'm sure there have been a few more incidents around the scene
    which I could document (if I could remember them), but to get
    this done I decided to make a deadline and we have 50 minutes
    left so I figure I'd better go fix up the rest that needs to
    be done :).  Forgive me for any mistakes heh.  Take care ppls.




ARTICLE.1_2       Aims and Policies
ARTICLE.1_3       Greets
ARTICLE.1_4       Members/Joining
ARTICLE.1_5       Dist/Contact Info
ARTICLE.1_6       Hidden Area Info
ARTICLE.1_7       Coding the Mag


ARTICLE.2_2       Neuroquila disasm
ARTICLE.2_3       Uruguay#3 disasm
ARTICLE.2_4       Immortal Riot
ARTICLE.2_5       Fog.doc
ARTICLE.2_6       Fog.asm
ARTICLE.2_7       AP-Poly


Dying Oath
ARTICLE.3_2       Win API tutorial
ARTICLE.3_3       Poly primer
ARTICLE.3_4       NoMut v0.01
ARTICLE.3_5       Demon3b
ARTICLE.3_6       SDFEe20 source
ARTICLE.3_7       ZL 2.0 source


Virus Descriptions
ARTICLE.4_2       Horsa
ARTICLE.4_3       Ph33r
ARTICLE.4_4       Wintiny
ARTICLE.4_5       Midnight
ARTICLE.4_6       Arme Stoevlar
ARTICLE.4_7       Small Virus


ARTICLE.5_2       Winlamer2
ARTICLE.5_3       Lady Death
ARTICLE.5_4       H8urNMEs
ARTICLE.5_5       Sepboot
ARTICLE.5_6       Fame
ARTICLE.5_7       Int Patch

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