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VLAD #5 - Greets


    a-o: unlike ops.. i figured i'd greet ya ;)
    blonde: din haestkuk!! hehe :)
    tuir: still waiting for you to get things together
    redmare: it's the best i can do.. :]
    lookout man: never did see that article!!#@
    sirius: sorry man, forgot the other names to greet :-/
    cyric: w0w!@# your own special greets..
    retro: remember the deal, nom0e hassling
    zerial: where have you been??
    rilo: i hope you feel proud ;)
    memory lapse: f29 retal hero (not)
    bugsy: yo yo.. eat some danish pastry for me..
    unique-1: blah, ya snivellin' suck up
    priest: have you died or something?
    quantum: mmm is that pizza i smell?
    bullier: too busy restoring VWs ? heh
    omega: even now you got your inet, where are you? :)
    burglar: here's ur coolio greet 8-/
    medulla: tsx1 roxors, sunsite suxors, end of story.
    redback: bra tack.. sounds painful.. hehe
    dark angel: greets from the meats. ;) poetic.
    twl: you're almost as idle as i am!
    lethe: heh, damn you're lazy.. maybe next issue
    sepultura: you will never stay awake long enuff!!@
    garbage heap: don't forget my greets!@#
    aladar: long time no see...
    mr twister: little merts time to go to bed methinks
    crypt keeper: i think i'll stick to textbox
    jookie: do you drink too much beer or is it just me?
    evil avatar: believe in yourself man...
    kryptik: i bet you're dead chuffed to have a greet heh
    dark fiber: i'd say something japanese but hey..
    neuron: it's more interesting on the dark side
    diddler: time to make your own virus group methinks
    euclid: got yer greets this time ;)
    s0apscum: greets!@#!@ wow.. u owe me one heh
    mmir: hej din lilla skit :]
    shadseek: well shadb0y.. ;) what kin i say..
    pryme: i dunno if you use this nick anymore but hey..
    stormbringer: a toast.. hey! don't drink it all..... hehe
    vrt: where you hiding?
    daver: eye want tmok, eye want tmok, eye want tmok
    zhuge jin: thanks for the viruses ......
    csa: sigh.. where's your bbs! heh
    talon: i have no need for material belongings.... :]
    xalopp: y0.. how've you been..
    ncl93dev: salut.....
    black avenger: yo, gimme some new source ;)
    falcon: shame about that nuke thing.. was good for a minute..
    ripmax: might get round to calling your board onetime this century
    fury: wool, i figured i'd greet ya.. ya kiwi leech!!#@
    king dan: windows.... ptooey!!



ARTICLE.1_2       Aims and Policies
ARTICLE.1_3       Greets
ARTICLE.1_4       Members/Joining
ARTICLE.1_5       Dist/Contact Info
ARTICLE.1_6       Hidden Area Info
ARTICLE.1_7       Coding the Mag


ARTICLE.2_2       Neuroquila disasm
ARTICLE.2_3       Uruguay#3 disasm
ARTICLE.2_4       Immortal Riot
ARTICLE.2_5       Fog.doc
ARTICLE.2_6       Fog.asm
ARTICLE.2_7       AP-Poly


Dying Oath
ARTICLE.3_2       Win API tutorial
ARTICLE.3_3       Poly primer
ARTICLE.3_4       NoMut v0.01
ARTICLE.3_5       Demon3b
ARTICLE.3_6       SDFEe20 source
ARTICLE.3_7       ZL 2.0 source


Virus Descriptions
ARTICLE.4_2       Horsa
ARTICLE.4_3       Ph33r
ARTICLE.4_4       Wintiny
ARTICLE.4_5       Midnight
ARTICLE.4_6       Arme Stoevlar
ARTICLE.4_7       Small Virus


ARTICLE.5_2       Winlamer2
ARTICLE.5_3       Lady Death
ARTICLE.5_4       H8urNMEs
ARTICLE.5_5       Sepboot
ARTICLE.5_6       Fame
ARTICLE.5_7       Int Patch

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