Virus Labs & Distribution
VLAD #5 - Coding the Mag

    Magazine help!                               by qark/metabolis

    Although you might not notice it, the magazine has been greatly
    changed with regards to code.  The viewer was completely replaced
    by a new reader programmed by Dark Fiber.  The reader will now
    display files bigger than 64k, and is very fast.  Added to 
    that, mouse support has been added, better have your mouse
    driver loaded.

    The intro and game were programmed by our good friend Neuron, who
    as usual, put in alot of effort to help with the magazine production.

    NCL93DeV of Immortalia Team did the VLAD VGA and is working on a
    virus demo :)

    We got ourselves a new artist for this issue, Squidgalator ][,
    he did both the vga for the bitmap rotating and the ansi for
    the main menu.

    Using the mag!

    If you wish to skip the VGA intro and piccy, put anything on the
    command line.  That should do it.

    How to use the mouse:

        From the main menu, highlighting an option and clicking the left
        mouse button will take you to the item.

        When viewing an item, clicking the right mouse button will take you
        back out to the main menu.

        To move up and down within an article, move the cursor to the
        direction you wish to view (ie top or bottom) and click the
        left mouse button.  This will either move the screen a page up or
    Here is a quick rundown on the keys:

                           The Main Menu

        DOWN THE MENU ---------------------- DOWN Cursor Key
          UP THE MENU ---------------------- UP Cursor Key
         RIGHT A MENU ---------------------- RIGHT Cursor Key
          LEFT A MENU ---------------------- LEFT Cursor Key
    SELECT AN ARTICLE ---------------------- ENTER Key
                 QUIT ---------------------- ESCAPE Key

                           The Reader

                   UP ---------------------- UP Cursor Key
                 DOWN ---------------------- DOWN Cursor Key
            PAGE DOWN ---------------------- PAGE DOWN Key
              PAGE UP ---------------------- PAGE UP Key
              THE TOP ---------------------- HOME key
              THE END ---------------------- END key
     EXIT THE ARTICLE ---------------------- ESCAPE Key



ARTICLE.1_2       Aims and Policies
ARTICLE.1_3       Greets
ARTICLE.1_4       Members/Joining
ARTICLE.1_5       Dist/Contact Info
ARTICLE.1_6       Hidden Area Info
ARTICLE.1_7       Coding the Mag


ARTICLE.2_2       Neuroquila disasm
ARTICLE.2_3       Uruguay#3 disasm
ARTICLE.2_4       Immortal Riot
ARTICLE.2_5       Fog.doc
ARTICLE.2_6       Fog.asm
ARTICLE.2_7       AP-Poly


Dying Oath
ARTICLE.3_2       Win API tutorial
ARTICLE.3_3       Poly primer
ARTICLE.3_4       NoMut v0.01
ARTICLE.3_5       Demon3b
ARTICLE.3_6       SDFEe20 source
ARTICLE.3_7       ZL 2.0 source


Virus Descriptions
ARTICLE.4_2       Horsa
ARTICLE.4_3       Ph33r
ARTICLE.4_4       Wintiny
ARTICLE.4_5       Midnight
ARTICLE.4_6       Arme Stoevlar
ARTICLE.4_7       Small Virus


ARTICLE.5_2       Winlamer2
ARTICLE.5_3       Lady Death
ARTICLE.5_4       H8urNMEs
ARTICLE.5_5       Sepboot
ARTICLE.5_6       Fame
ARTICLE.5_7       Int Patch

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