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VLAD #5 - Dist/Contact Info

    Dist/Contact Info

    I haven't been contacted by many people wanting to be a dist
    site for us, so the list hasn't grown that much.  Ah well, if
    you want your bbs added to this elite group email me at the
    address below (yes, another email address.. maybe this one
    will survive for once!!).

    I spend most my time on IRC in the channel #virus (efnet), 
    so you can catch me there if you wanna chat.  You could try
    leaving a message on the newsgroup alt.comp.virus, although
    i don't read it very often.

    Through internet you can get our magazine a few different ways,
    either ftp from     : /pub/deadkat/virus/vlad : /pub/br/bradleym/Zines/VLAD
    world wide web :
    if the homepage at is down, you should always
    be able to reach the vlad homepage from
    or see if lamerbot is on irc (usually on #virus) and type
    /msg lamerbot get Zines/VLAD/vlad#?.zip

    Anyways, here's the list of BBSs you can get all of our releases

    Board                    Number          Sysop       Country

    W.C.I.V.R Node 1         714-772-7039    Falcon      America
    W.C.I.V.R Node 2         714-533-9615      ""          ""
    TFU                      404-977-3098    NiMRooD       ""
    Arrested Development     +31-77547477    Omega       Holland
    Darkland BBS             +45-45974344    Darkman     Denmark
    Wizard's Lair            +46-8-6586541   The Wizard  Sweden
    Tron BBS                 +49-3995422037  Tron        Germany    *
    * login VLAD pwd PARIS
    Destiny Stone ][ Node 1  +61-92462553    RipMax      Australia  *2
    Destiny Stone ][ Node 2  +61-92463491      ""          ""       *2
    *2 login VLAD pwd SITE
    UiS                      +60-35210772    Pop         Malaysia
    Black Adder              +97-26514404    Nimrod      Israel




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