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Re: TECH: Bytes and bits

To Mr Andrew Rosta respond I thus:

#Nick, would you post to the list on the proper usage of PA-lujvo
#- this has been alluded to but I have not seen the substance
#of your recommendations mentioned.

This is what I had to say on them in my lujvo article (unrevised):

4.4. PA-based lujvo.

Lujvo containing numerals tend to play havoc with our predictions of lujvo
meaning. This is because numerals are not brivla that enter into tanru
relations with tertanru; they act to quantify the tertanru directly. Even
if we presume a cmavo of grammeme MOI to make them into brivla, there is
an ambiguity in which cmavo to use. {pavjbe} is ambiguous, and in fact
only appears in its disambiguated alternatives {pavmemjbe} ({pamei jbena} ---
only-begotten) and {pavmomjbe} ({pamoi jbena} --- first born). Both
alternatives have been presumed in the jvoste: thus {relmla}, two-sided
({se mlana lo remei}) vs. {so'ipre}, crowd ({so'imei co prenu}) vs. {relpru},
second-last ({remoi le'i purci leka jibni le se purci}).

{relmla} shows another problem with PA-based lujvo, which is particularly
evident with {ro}-based lujvo.

[I then outline what turns out to be the xekskapi problem, which is not
restricted to PA-lujvo.]


I've been thinking about this further. The conclusion I've arrived at is
this: {pavybroda} is an abbreviation for either {broda zei pamei} or {broda
zei pamoi} (Potentially also {broda zei pacu'o}). Which of the three is not
always guessable from context, though I think the first makes most sense most
of the time. PA-lujvo encourage xekskapi-type lujvo, which I disapprove of
(thus "two-sided" is not {relmla}, but {relselmla}; {relmla} corresponds to
"two-side", which doesn't make much sense). Of course, there are the other
normal ambiguities: if we prefer {pamei broda} to {broda pamei}, then {broda
be lo pamei}, say, is a likely interpretation.

Though the leap from {so'ipre} to {prenu so'imei} is broad, and I think
people should always be very cautious in constructing PA-lujvo, and though
it intuits to me that {prenu so'imei} is somehow more Lojbanic than {so'ipre},
I really can think of no good reason to reject the compound.

And 1, Nick 0.5? %^)

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