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TECH: Bytes and bits

Nick Nicholas says

> We have proposed lujvo for byte: samsrorau (computer storage unit), and
> samsrosle (computer storage cell). Anyone have a good expression for bit?
> (People's spontaneous lujvo for other facets of computer terminology would
> be welcome).

samsrosle is better. gradu seems to imply that you are measuring storage,
which is not  true.

I still think
cnedatni  = cenba datni  = varying data  = variable
and nacnedatni would be constant.
This would imply referring to the union of  variables and constants as
data, which is a much more general term. (Even code is data).
datnysro = datni sorcu = data store = file
datnysroste = datni sorccu liste = data storre list = directory

maksro = maksi sorcu = magnetic storage
cukmaksro = cukla maksi sorcu = disc magnetic storage = disk/diskette.
I can't figure out 'magnetic tape' with my limited vocabulary, but
it is essentially a spool of magnetic storage.
gu'isro = gusni sorcu = light storage = laser storage (perhaps lingu'i for
laser (beam)?)
cukgu'isro = cukla gusni sorcu = disc light storage = compact disk, as
opposed to what it would intuitively mean in glico, laser disk, since those
are fading from use (and could probably just have the word video prepended
to them (vidni)).
veplprina = ve prina = the thing which prints =  printer

samru'e = skami pruce = computer process = program. My other thought on this
is that perhaps it should be
sampla = skami platu = computer plan... The first states that it is something
which does processing, which is true, while the second states that it is
a plan waiting to be implemented. Perhaps then, samru'e is the program
in executable  format, or as currently being executed (the latter being the
current english usage of  'process'), while sampla could refer to the source
code, or a currently non-executing program (and hence programs when they
are referred to by naskama prenu is the canonical :) manner).

lojtre = logji tadji = logic method = algorithm. This would also apply
nicely to mathematics.
I wonder what a samtre would be?

I think ciste would do fine or OS in standard  usage, while ciste be le  sorcu
would work for the few times would have  to seperate out the individual
module of the "disk" operating system.

You already saw
selminde = se minde  = taker of commands = command interpreter (or shell in

cnici works for me for 'sort'
(I was writing something up on sorting algorithms).

Programmers often use "tree's" of data that can be visualized as looking
something like a tree with many branches ->

                / \
               y   z
              / \
             a   b

if you see..

Could this be stated as a 'tricu stura be datni' or is there a more appropriate
word not associated with leafy,barky things that  I missed?

Binary would be ''re ju'u', right? So how do  we then get a binary tree (which
is a tree like the one above which only has 1 or 2 possible branches for
each node (or selci I suppose)).

Another stura be datni is  the linked list. I think liste or sampla liste
is fine for this.

manri is fine for 'scope' (english just has too many words for the same

sezpli = sevzi pilno = self using = recursive (referencing a function within

I don't know about array, which also seems  like a liste to me.

Of course everyone knows that as soon as I master enough lojban I am
going to subject you all to 'Introductory Data Structures and Algorithms
(using Pascal) CS101'

jikbebna = jikca bebna = social fool = geek

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