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Re: TECH: Bytes and bits

Another issue on which I've been having a think.

I agree with F. Baube[tm] that computer implementation shouldn't be part
of the definition of a bit; it is, after all, a binary digit (etymologically
too!), and was first used in communication theory. I propose we call it a
truth-quantum: jetka'u.

Now back to bytes. I do still think they are selci, because (prototypically)
they are the smallest units of memory distinctly identifiable as such, and
because they are the building blocks of memory architecture. A selci, I
take it, is indivisible *on a given level of analysis*; thus a xuksle is
a molecule, even though it is divisible into atoms, because molecules, not
atoms, are the smallest instances of the given chemical as such.

What I've just described, though, isn't really a byte; more like a word.
What of a byte? Well the Esperantists have accepted 'bajto', but alongside
it, as a kind of protest, they also have 'bitoko': eight-bit. Given my
distaste for PA-lujvo misused, could we admit bivjetka'u as a properly
used lujvo (or at least, an obvious abbreviation of jetka'ubivmoi)?

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