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Re: The first 4 JLs (was Re: Cucaracha)

To Mr Andrew Rosta respond I thus:

#Nick writes:
#> To Mr Andrew Rosta respond I thus:
#Do the seraphim no longer rejoice?

I thought I lost out on a job application because the seraphim poked up
in the header; it turned out it was a matter of qualifications, but my new
header is a tad safer...

#> Those early JLs are certainly an interesting read!
#Are these still available?

I don't see why Lojbab would object to photocopying you them. The first two
are quite dry, containing lots of dictionary work; they are of interest in
conveying the atmosphere of... well, fear of JCB that seems to have prevailed
at the time. The next two outline the circumstances of the split, and have
a deal of historical interest.

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