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TEXT: Re: TEXT: Imagist

la lojbab. cusku zoi laho.

> (This is not to mention the fact that on the net, a blank line
> often means a typo - I can't retract a carriage return once typed
> into my terminal without messing with unix editors., which I
> refuse to do.
laho. i

dihu mi setese ciksi le krinu be le sohi pihonciha se srera
sepahu roledo notci vekaha le jboxemrmri .i
- bahe mi damba le tutcrvi .iucuhi ku vaho le vanbrlunixy

[notes: I mean "sepahu" to link to "srera", "vekaha" to
"notci", and "vaho" to "damba". "Tutcrvi" = the Vi editor
of unix. "Vanbrlunixy" = (suitably ghastly) fuhivla for

coho, mihe laho lo. And lo.