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VLAD #2 - What

   What's Next ?

   We have made large advancements on last issue in our coding expertise
   but we intend on getting even better!  There are a number of new
   projects we are thinking of pursuing, anyway here's a short list:

        Windows Virus   -       Yes, we said that we would look at this
                                in the last issue and we still are.
        Multipartitism  -       Combine all our current stuff into the
                                one big virus.
        Disk Ports      -       Using the ports to directly access
                                the drives.  No more interrupts!
        VIP Engine      -       The VLAD Indefinite Polymorphic engine.
                                This has almost already been done, but
                                needs more research in defeating TBScan.
        Misc Projects   -       Some other experimental ideas we've been
                                toying with.

   We won't necessarily do all this for the next issue but we will sometime
   (if its possible).



ARTICLE.1_2       Aims and Policies
ARTICLE.1_3       Greets
ARTICLE.1_4       Members/Joining
ARTICLE.1_5       Dist/Contact Info
ARTICLE.1_6       Hidden Area Info
ARTICLE.1_7       Coding the Mag


The Press
ARTICLE.2_2       Leprechaun Interview
ARTICLE.2_3       Flash Bios
ARTICLE.2_4       AMI Flash Specification
ARTICLE.2_5       Assembly Guide
ARTICLE.2_6       Virus Law
ARTICLE.2_7       Feedback


ARTICLE.3_2       TSR Tutorial
ARTICLE.3_5       Kennedy Disasm
ARTICLE.3_6       Darth Vader Strain B Disasm
ARTICLE.3_7       Gergana.222 Disasm


Virus Descriptions
ARTICLE.4_2       VLAD Virus Source
ARTICLE.4_3       Republic Source
ARTICLE.4_4       BIOS Meningitis Source
ARTICLE.4_5       Prodigy 3 Source
ARTICLE.4_6       Estonia Source
ARTICLE.4_7       What's Next


About Debug Scripts
ARTICLE.5_2       VLAD Script
ARTICLE.5_3       Republic Script
ARTICLE.5_4       BIOS Meningitis Dropper Script
ARTICLE.5_5       Prodigy 3 Script
ARTICLE.5_6       Estonia Script
ARTICLE.5_7       The End

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