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   Looking on the local BBS's and checking out the internet newsgroups,
   there are quite a few virus related mail spots.  Some consist of
   people asking what the weather is like, and how the sports back home
   are, and some are just plain full of AVers who believe that I am a

   NuKEnet seems to have gone into a demise of late, we have a slight
   feed problem here I think (no one else agrees), but when the mail
   does get through there is hardly anything worth reading.  Same also
   with CRISnet, there seems to be nothing coming through except the
   occasional person asking what is a virus, and where can I get VCL2.

   The echos carried on the Fidonet backbone (other than nuke_the_world)
   all are a loss in some way.  VIRUS, VIRUS_NFO, VIRUS_INFO .. each
   have their own traits which makes them pretty much a shit place to
   post.  VIRUS and VIRUS_INFO, well I'd say it's the moderators that
   suck there, and of course all the AVers who descend upon anyone
   making the slightest statement that viruses are not evil and do not
   kill people.

   As for VIRUS_NFO, well.. heh, if you're looking for plenty of gung-ho
   supposed krad VX d3wds this might be the place to look.  There are
   plenty of people here asking for viruses and chuckling about the last
   cross posting of XXXnet messages to the AV echos.  Nope, in general
   I just don't bother with any of them.

   On internet there was only one newsgroup dealing with viruses and
   this is comp.virus, this is pretty much heavily moderated and you
   can pick up your favourite virus-l digests here (hahaha).  Definately
   not a place for free expression of viral thought.

   Yesterday (well it was when i wrote this) a new newsgroup was
   created alt.comp.virus which will be unmoderated and not just another
   AV channel which they can blab through.  It has yet to spread but
   I guess it will get places eventually.

   Nup, when it comes to mail I say just about forget it, come to
   IRC and meet the people you've been mailing all this time :).  It's
   a much better way to stay in touch with people.  heh.. I wonder
   if the sysop of the bbs i'm on censors his mail.. you never know..
   perhaps that's why everything seems like crap.

   (Yet another full 'o crap special from Metabolis)



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