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VLAD #2 - Members/Joining


    Since issue 1 we have gained two new members, also you may remember
    us having a member in #1 who was going to contribute to this issue,
    well due to lack of synapse response from him we gave him the boot :)

      Metabolis }
      Qark      } Australia
      Darkman   } Denmark
      Automag   } France

    (VLAD is still Australian based ;)

    Each of us do the same sort of thing, i.e. code and write articles
    so it's not really worth putting in what we each do individually ;).

    If you think you are good enough to join the VLAD team, then get
    in touch with us somehow (check out the dist article) and give us
    an example of what you can do.  Just remember that we don't bother
    with destructive code so if you want to join, that will have to
    apply to the work you do with us.




ARTICLE.1_2       Aims and Policies
ARTICLE.1_3       Greets
ARTICLE.1_4       Members/Joining
ARTICLE.1_5       Dist/Contact Info
ARTICLE.1_6       Hidden Area Info
ARTICLE.1_7       Coding the Mag


The Press
ARTICLE.2_2       Leprechaun Interview
ARTICLE.2_3       Flash Bios
ARTICLE.2_4       AMI Flash Specification
ARTICLE.2_5       Assembly Guide
ARTICLE.2_6       Virus Law
ARTICLE.2_7       Feedback


ARTICLE.3_2       TSR Tutorial
ARTICLE.3_5       Kennedy Disasm
ARTICLE.3_6       Darth Vader Strain B Disasm
ARTICLE.3_7       Gergana.222 Disasm


Virus Descriptions
ARTICLE.4_2       VLAD Virus Source
ARTICLE.4_3       Republic Source
ARTICLE.4_4       BIOS Meningitis Source
ARTICLE.4_5       Prodigy 3 Source
ARTICLE.4_6       Estonia Source
ARTICLE.4_7       What's Next


About Debug Scripts
ARTICLE.5_2       VLAD Script
ARTICLE.5_3       Republic Script
ARTICLE.5_4       BIOS Meningitis Dropper Script
ARTICLE.5_5       Prodigy 3 Script
ARTICLE.5_6       Estonia Script
ARTICLE.5_7       The End

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