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VLAD #1 - What

In the VLAD Magazine Issue #2 we hope to give you even better
quality viruses!

Already we are all hard at work developing viral algorithms for our
next release (dont expect it too soon... we do have lives).

Upcoming viruses will display one of these:

           Disinfection on the fly - This'll get us around all those
                                     CRC checkers and will greatly
                                     enhance the lifetime of the virus.
                                     The infectee will detect nothing!

           Boot sector infection   - The world's most common virus is
                                     a boot sector infector.  This will
                                     be another skill mastered.

           Tunneling               - Trace back through the interrupt
                                     for the original int21h.

           Polymorphism            - Continuously changing virus.

           Also look out for a couple of tricky new stuffs!
           All these things may also be mixed into a new super virus!

Research will also be taken out in preparation for the release of
Chicago.  As well as looking into DLL infection.

If that doesn't satisfy you I don't know what will!



ARTICLE.1_2       Aims and Policies
ARTICLE.1_3       Greets
ARTICLE.1_4       Membership
ARTICLE.1_5       Distribution
ARTICLE.1_6       A Secret Thing


Ripping Source
ARTICLE.2_2       Good & Bad Code
ARTICLE.2_3       The Evil AV
ARTICLE.2_4       A Look At TBAV
ARTICLE.2_5       Polymorphism
ARTICLE.2_6       Anti-TBClean
ARTICLE.2_7       Paranoia


Incest Family
ARTICLE.3_2       Daddy Source
ARTICLE.3_3       Mummy Source
ARTICLE.3_4       Sister Source
ARTICLE.3_5       Brother Source
ARTICLE.3_6       KRAD Source
ARTICLE.3_7       What's Next

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