Virus Labs & Distribution
VLAD #1 - Greets

Terminator Z  ::  Thanks for the help man, it was good to have someone
                  else getting the input to the magazine moving.  Just
                  remember.. "We're not worthy!" :)
Rod Fewster   ::  Keep up the good work with your main money earner
                    ThunderByte.. hhaha                                       
John McAfee   ::  Man, you're fighting a losing battle, that's all I'm
                    going to say.  I won't abuse you :).  We all know you're  
                    living in the past.                                       
NuKE          ::  Down with Aristotle!  Once this dude is gone the scene
                  will be alot better off.  Waiting on some new virii from
                  you dudes!
Phalcon/Skism ::  Keep going dudes!  You are are always inventing the new
                  viral techniques.  All we need now is a working windoze

Mnemonix      ::  You are really doing some good stuff, keep up the good
Immortal Riot ::  Hello from Australia!  The faith in Europe stays strong.



ARTICLE.1_2       Aims and Policies
ARTICLE.1_3       Greets
ARTICLE.1_4       Membership
ARTICLE.1_5       Distribution
ARTICLE.1_6       A Secret Thing


Ripping Source
ARTICLE.2_2       Good & Bad Code
ARTICLE.2_3       The Evil AV
ARTICLE.2_4       A Look At TBAV
ARTICLE.2_5       Polymorphism
ARTICLE.2_6       Anti-TBClean
ARTICLE.2_7       Paranoia


Incest Family
ARTICLE.3_2       Daddy Source
ARTICLE.3_3       Mummy Source
ARTICLE.3_4       Sister Source
ARTICLE.3_5       Brother Source
ARTICLE.3_6       KRAD Source
ARTICLE.3_7       What's Next

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