Virus Labs & Distribution
VLAD #1 - Incest Family

       VLAD is happy to introduce a brand new family of viruses.  Meet        
  the Incest Family!                                                          
  These four viruses represent our current abilities.  We endeavour to        
  learn, and you can learn with us by looking at our source!                  
  Order of completion:                                                        
  Brother is my first TSR virus and is therefore the first in the family.     
  Sister is my first EXE infector.  While coding it I developed some new      
  Anti-AV code that seems to work fairly generically.  The EXE infection      
  code is pretty poor and uneconomical but it does work.                      
  Daddy is my best virus ever!  I mastered some good new techniques.          
  The EXE and COM infection were basically copied straight across from        
  Brother and Sister.  Check the simple Dir stealth routine - there's no      
  reason YOUR virus shouldn't have one!                                       
  Mummy is a research experiment.  Hearing about what a spawning virus was    
  (companion infector for all those who dont know) I decided to do one        
  to add to my repetoir.  This virus happily copies itself around your        
  disks without harming a fly...  If it does annoy you then just delete it!   
  (You'll have to boot from a clean disk to do that because this one is       
  hard to remove - pretty tricky for a spawner)                               
  What makes the Incest Family the Incest Family ?  Well, that's because      
  their unique function of passing the original int21h back through           
  to other family members.  That's the 'Incest' part!  That means if          
  Brother has got his hooks stuck into COMMAND.COM and Sister is loading      
  up with some AV-TSR in memory that she will bypass it completely by         
  fucking her big bro!                                                        

  Have fun with these specimens and just remember that spreading viruses      
  is illegal and you shouldn't do it...  Esspecially with Daddy which         
  shouldn't be copied into an archive and uploaded to a lamer bbs because     
  that would be wrong wouldn't it! :)                                         
  Look forward to some more advanced viruses in Issue #2 of the VLAD mag      
  as together we explore the operating system!                                



ARTICLE.1_2       Aims and Policies
ARTICLE.1_3       Greets
ARTICLE.1_4       Membership
ARTICLE.1_5       Distribution
ARTICLE.1_6       A Secret Thing


Ripping Source
ARTICLE.2_2       Good & Bad Code
ARTICLE.2_3       The Evil AV
ARTICLE.2_4       A Look At TBAV
ARTICLE.2_5       Polymorphism
ARTICLE.2_6       Anti-TBClean
ARTICLE.2_7       Paranoia


Incest Family
ARTICLE.3_2       Daddy Source
ARTICLE.3_3       Mummy Source
ARTICLE.3_4       Sister Source
ARTICLE.3_5       Brother Source
ARTICLE.3_6       KRAD Source
ARTICLE.3_7       What's Next

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