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VLAD #2 - Leprechaun Interview

    Virus Busting, the Leprechaun way!

    Well I thought I might call Leprechaun's BBS (company which releases
    the anti-virus product "Virus Buster") and capture a chat with the
    sysop there and then publish it in issue #2 of the magazine, well here
    it is!  Not much really as I'm not the most convincing chatter and I
    have talked to him once before but hey.. here it is..

    The dude I talked to was "John" and it seems he's responsible for
    a fair amount of the work that goes on at Leprechaun, ah well.. his job
    is worthless with people like us around haha

    [comments from me!]

    ------------------cut here!--------------------------------------------

    M:hi there, how's life treating you

    J:Hard .. too much work ... too little money .. you know the story ...
    [I can associate with this..]

    M:well I'm trying to write as many viruses as possible to help you
    along the way :) heh

    J:thanks ....
    [You can see he's really appreciative of our help]

    M:not a problem.. heh.. so, do you have a copy of our magazine?
    [He has our Aussie dist site number]

    J:no, wasn't able to get a connect ... all I got was a blank screen ..
    [Ain't that convenient? :) ]

    M:oh bummer.. heh.. ah well!  life goes on.. works for me.. strange

    J:probably some modem / comms stuff up

    M:heh that's ok.. gives ppl a little more time to do their job of
    moving the nasties around

    J:oh ta ... I appreciate that one ...':
    [now he appreciates it!]

    M:well we know it's illegal to purposely distribute them.. ppl just
    compile them debug scripts and do it for us.. safer that way :)
    [the old "I'm sorry officer" speech hehe]

    J:ha ha ... a little easier / safer for you maybe ...
    [as I said.. safer for us.. repetition!]

    M:yep.. and it's all one big game to be played as wise as possible
    anyway.. very soon you should get a copy of a new virus with hmmm
    7 constant bytes, my polymorphism isn't that good but that'll stuff
    up some wildcards :)
    [Brag/toss off time.. ah well hehe.. had to be done and this guy
     thinks I write the viruses!  Me lamer!]

    J:We have the technology to defeat you (paraphrasing $6M man)
    [Sounds impressive!  What does he mean?]

    M:heh what is it about "fuzzy logic" I heard in VB?
    [A rumour I heard about their software]

    J:Just a bit of code I whipped up to make my life easier and yours
    harder ...
    [I'm hurt]

    M:hehe.. hmmm is it something like heuristics?
    [hey.. I don't know what it is!]

    J:That'd be telling ....
    [ooh industrial ToP SeCReT iNFo]

    M:well I could always call the local k-rAd c0oL bbs and get meself
    a copy :) haha
    [not that I could.. I'm no \/\/aReZ d00d :) ]

    J:oh ... you could always send us a cheque and get a legal copy ...
    [as if!]

    M:heh :) I'd like to promote local industry but I have a slight pennie
    problem (i.e. they don't exist) as you may be able to associate with

    J:right ....

    M:yer, you mentioned something of a news reported last time we
    talked hmmm
    [trying to get him to say something cool for this article :) ]

    J:yes, a national media guy wants to write an article on viruses, etc.
    [well after the last local media virus thang I can surely say fuck
     off to this idea! ]

    M:the media don't do very well when covering viruses.. it seems they
    all like to go for the scare tactic/make virus authors look like
    [actually the murderer part is mostly confined to fidonet haha
     Edwin Cleeton/Jeff Cook.. bite me!]

    J:them's the breaks ... one other thing, if you're short of pennies,
    how do you pay for the STD call from Melbourne?
    [obviously pressing me for info, he obviously thinks the number of
     the dist site is where we come from!  Well the number is in Perth
     anyway! ]

    M: :) .. never you mind! haha
    [had to sound elite.. a matter of principle heh]

    J:Telecom would be interested in that one ...
    [scare tactics?]

    M:I'm sure it would but I'm calling from my mum's workplace so you
    can have fun trying to get something done about it :)
    [bullshit story to give him his jollies]

    J:Thanks for the info .... :)
    [ooh he now can bust me for phreaking]

    M:pleasure, you now know I have a mother.
    [I'm busted for sure now!  I mean it's not as if having a Mother is
     usual or anything]

    J:Is that just a mother or a mother......
    [is that a cryptic question?]

    M:hmmm well she's a good mum.. lets me use the phone.. heh

    J:Some people can get away with anything .... :)
    [I like to think so]

    M:fair enough.. hmmm the tafe I go to .. they had a taste of no
    frills hehe.. such ancient things eh?
    [reminding him of his most favourite virus author and giving him
     some info to mislead him totally]

    J:and badly written too ..
    [I don't think so.. one of the most prolific spreaders around
     Australia to date]

    M: :) .. better than mine
    [too true]

    J:got some samples ?
    [as if!]

    J:care to upload them?
    [sure I will!]

    M:duh.. ok (no way :)

    J:ok, got to go and think up new ways of making my life easier ...

    ------------------cut here!--------------------------------------------

    Do you feel enlightened as to the lameness of Leprechaun?  I do.
    Nope, at one stage they were right on top of the virus scene in
    Australia.. it caught nearly everything in Oz, but lately they have
    definately gone into a demise.  They haven't submitted their product
    to VSUM lately I wonder why.. (not that it means shit).

    Ah well, I still use Thunderbyte.. not that it picks up most of
    our stuff but it does the job ok.  If only it had the virus comments
    that F-Prot does.. be great to scan my collection with :)




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