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Re: anyone wanna make some lujvo???

> immobility              (F*)immobilite'         (S)immovilidad

le nu na'e ca'a se muvdu  ???

> wet-nurse               (F)nourrice             (S*)nodriza     (G) Amme


> riding-school           (F*)mane`ge             (S)picadero

selma'e         x1 rides on x2
selma'ercu'e  c1 c2 (c3=sm) c4 c5    x1 is a riding-school at x2 ...

xirselma'e  m2 m1=x1      x1 horse-rides on x2
xirselma'ercu'e           x1 is a riding-school at x2 ...

> (use) thou-form         (F*)tutoyer             (S)tutear

Difficult to say in a language that doesn't have a thou-form. Even in
English, the verb "to thou" doesn't exist because nobody thous anybody.
I would say:
norsi'arta'a      x1 tutea a x2 in language x3

> vituperation            (G)Schma:hung           (S*)vituperio

(le nu) te mabla

> nationalization         (G*)Verstaatlichung

jecselposga'i  g1 g2 (g3=jsp1)    x1 (event) nationalizes x2
jecselpo'e   p2 p1=j1     x1 belongs to state x2

> journalistic            (F*)de journaliste      (S*)periodistico

ka karni

co'o mi'e xorxes