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Re: anyone wanna make some lujvo???

It's always easier to criticise somebody else's ideas than
come up with my own, so sorry Jorge!

 > immobility              (F*)immobilite'         (S)immovilidad

le nu na'e ca'a se muvdu  ???
No, that '-ility' means a 'ka'e

lo nu na ka'e se muvdu
lo ka vitno se diklo

 > wet-nurse               (F)nourrice             (S*)nodriza     (G) Amme

That's just a nurse. A wet-nurse is more like a
basti se ladru

 xirselma'e  m2 m1=x1      x1 horse-rides on x2
I really didn't like this when I first looked at it, but
I have come to see it's really good - just how
converted gismu should be used.

> norsi'arta'a      x1 tutea a x2 in language x3
I agree it's a hard one.  But it's really not 'sinma', is
it? It's more like 'nobli' or 'cumla'