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Re: anyone wanna make some lujvo???

la lojbab cusku di'e

> I will be including some of the words from these other languages,
> especially if a) they seem to be from a different root and hence might
> convey the meaning differently or b) if the language is the one whose
> frequency of usage for the concept warranted its inclusion (marked with
> an asterisk), or c) Spanish to encourage Jorge %^).

I guess now I'm forced to contribute :) I'll attempt a few for now:

> interlocutor            (S*)interlocutor

The place structure I'd like for this is that of tavla, changing "to" to "with"

tavla tav     ta'a talk          x1 talks/speaks *with x2 about subject x3
in language x4;

Usually "interlocutor" is preceded by a possesive, so with this structure,
"le zo'e tavla" would mean "zo'e's interlocutor", or "the one who talks
with zo'e"

The closest I can get with tavla as a unidirectional talk is:

simta'a  (t1,t2)=s1 t3 t4
x1 (set) has members who talk to each other about subject x2 in language x3

but how to select one of the members of x1 is beyond me for the moment.

In any case, even with tavla as it is, "le zo'e tavla" and "le zo'e se tavla"
are good enough for "interlocutor", even if overspecific. Or maybe
"le tavla be zo'e", "le se tavla be zo'e".

> spoonful                (F)cuillere'e           (S*)cucharada

mucselylai  k2 k1=s1 k3?         x1 is x2 spoonfuls in quantity

What came out of the discussion on "cupful"?

> communicative           (G)mitteilsam           (S*)

skucre  ce1=cu1 (ce2) ce3         x1 is communicative by standard x2

> flower-bed              (F*)parterre            (G)Beet
>                         (S)cuadro de flores

rulzda  z1 (z2=x1)     x1 is a flower-bed

(I had never heard it called "cuadro de flores", it is "cantero" in my dialect.)

> greengrocer             (F*)fruitier            (G) Gemu:seha:ndler,
>                         (S)frutero

rutve'u    v1 (v2=g1)   x1 is a fruit-seller

(Maybe stagyve'u is better for greengrocer.)

> Calvary                 (S*)calvario
> (I think the metaphorical meaning is intended for this)

Yes, I think you're right. Often "cruz" (cross) is also used in this sense.
Can't think of a lujvo for the moment.

> insurer                 (G*)Versicherer         (S)asegurador

le binra ?   (I was surprised at finding this as a gismu)

> gesticulate (vb.)       (F*)gesticuler

snisku  c1 c2=s4 c3=s3? (c4=s1)    x1 gesticulates x2 to audience x3

> immoral                 (S*)inmoral


co'o mi'e xorxes