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Re: TECH: possible sumti-raising place structures of the sisku variety

la djan. kau,n. cusku di'e

> > jarco show x1 (person/object) shows/exhibits/displays/reveals x2
> > (object/property) to audience x3 8c 85 [reveal (= mipyja'o, sivja'o);
> > also demonstrate]; (cf. tigni)

> I don't understand why "property" here.  Seems to be just a way of saying
> "object which has property", which is just "le [se] ckaji".

I assume "property" is in there to allow things like

        ko'a jarco lo ka virnu kei tai lo nu jivna le traji be fo roda
        He shows his courage by taking on the world champion.

I don't think this is _entirely_ malglico, although you may be able
to suggest a better way of doing it.

> > kargu costly x1 (object/property) is costly/expensive/dear to x2 by
> > standard x3 5e 55 (cf. vamji, dirba, vajni)

> Don't understand why "property" here.

I believe you yourself coined the elegant

        ro cimni ka satci cu se jdima lo cimni ni valsi

(I think the original had {lo} where I've put {ro}, but this
is more accurate pe'i.)

If a property can have a price, it can be expensive.

We obviously disagree on some (more) of these, so I'll return
to them later.

mu'onai mi'e .i,n.