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Re: TECH: To become or not to become

la i,n cusku di'e

>  The problem comes
> when the "becoming" is a long drawn out process.
>         le pu'u co'a makcu
>         Growing up
> This is OK, and we can even emphasise the time span with
> {ze'u}, but we've been talking (recently) about {co'a}
> and {co'u} as if they were point events.

Just a comment on this. The right place for {ze'u}, I think, would be:

        le ze'u pu'u co'a makcu

because {le pu'u ze'u co'a makcu} is the process of starting a long maturity.

I think you are right that {co'a} and {co'u} need not be point events, but it
is not easy to give them a ZEhA interval directly, because ZEhAs don't
apply to the phase but to the event proper.

Is there any chance of expanding the grammar to allow a ZEhA after a ZAhO, for
this purpose?

co'o mi'e xorxes