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TECH: To become or not to become

I had a couple more thoughts on "becoming", but didn't have time
to add them to the last message.

{co'a} has been suggested in the past as a good way to
do this, and sometimes it works.  The problem comes
when the "becoming" is a long drawn out process.

        le pu'u co'a makcu
        Growing up

This is OK, and we can even emphasise the time span with
{ze'u}, but we've been talking (recently) about {co'a}
and {co'u} as if they were point events.  Perhaps we
should occasionally draw our event contours with a shallow
slope for the end points.

         /        \
        /          \
       /            \
------/              \------
pu'o  co'a  ca'o  co'u  ba'o

Another possibility is {cfari}.  I remember it as having
an agent, but checking in the gimste I'm currently working
from, it is intransitive.

cfari     cfa      initiate
x1 (state/event/process) commences/initiates/starts/begins to occur;
(intransitive verb)         2c 104

        le pu'u cfari fa lo za'i makcu

Again I've tended to think of {cfari} as describing a fairly
discrete, point event, but maybe this is misleading.

ko te pinka .e'o la'e so'o di'u

mu'o mi'e .i,n.