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GENERAL: Announcement - new editions of Lojban printed materials avail

I have now finished producing new printed editions of the gismu list,
cmavo list, machine grammar, and draft textbook lessons as revised by
Cowan all of which are essentially current to today, but all subject to
change while I edit the dictionary.  This means no more 40-character
place structure gismu lists will go out, and that people will be getting
lists that match the text that is being produced.  (In addition, the
rafsi lists and E-BNF were revised and included with JL18, and are
current except for the EBNF error that Cowan just posted about.)

The draft textbook lessons are significantly shorter, because Cowan
dropped material that was seriously obsolete rather than rewrite it if
it would take too much work.  But even more reduction in page count was
due to reformatting using the laser printer.  Counter the loss of page
count, the draft lessons now include several dozen pages of what I've
written as a 2nd draft - almost two long introductory lessons worth,
that Cowan feels is our best material.  The total page count is down
to 214 pages from 283 pages, which makes package 3 much cheaper at
10 cents a page.


a) the new draft textbook makes the cassette tape a lost child, since
the order of stuff on the tape doesn't match order in the book (and I
have no intention of redoing the tape prior to revising the textbook
again for real publication);

b) all of the other publications got significantly longer, thereby
increasing their cost and price.  The gismu list is now 36 pages in each
order, the cmavo list 16 pages in each order, and the machine grammar 30
pages.  This means that a package 1 with the word lists now is 190 pages
(about 50 pages longer), and a Package 2 is 140 pages.  The net for all
packages is 15 pages less than it used to be, but the cost for people
who just want the Package 1 word lists is quite a bit steeper.

c) The flash cards are also obsolete in place structures and rafsi (not
generally the most important things on the cards, but still there) and
will not be republished very soon.  Since I still have a dozen sets, I'm
going to sell then off at $5 less than we were charging, or $10.  This
may be further reduced by 20% if part of a larger order.

d) Nora has been making use of a "purse-sized gismu list" (size about 4"
x 6") for the last two years, and I am making up a new copy for her with
the new lists (Lojban order, but now adding in the cmavo lists in both
orders, and perhaps the rafsi list in rafsi order).  This is labor
intensive, since I have to print each copy, cut all the pages by hand,
and hand-bind it.  I may be willing to make up a few extra copies but
will have to charge $10 or possibly more.  Let me know if you are
interested in this 'net-only' special, that will not be repeated before
the books are finished.

Thus here is a mini-order form for new materials:
gismu lists 2 orders (36+36 pages)  $7.20
cmavo lists 2 orders (16+16 pages)  $3.20
YACC grammar (30 pages)             $3.00
pocket word list                   $10.00+  (uncertain availability)
JL18                                $9.00
  rafsi list (with JL18)
  EBNF (with JL18)
partly obsolete flash cards        $10.00 for 1 + $7.50 each addl.

Standard adjustments:  +20% overseas, -20% prepaid over $20.00 + 4.5% VA
sales tax if in VA, +10% Visa/Master Card payment + US$3.50 equivalent
for a cheque in non-US convertible currency.

I can post a complete order form if there is interest.

Note that I have not yet mailed JL18 to overseas people, but expect to
do so within a few days.  I have not yet produced LK18, but hope to have
that done by next weekend.  Other orders are EXTREMELY backlogged, since
I haven't filled any requests since JL17 back in January.  These will
get utmost priority when I get stuff back from the printer tomorrow and