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lojban and MediaMOO

In-Reply-To:  Logical Language Group's message of "Fri, 27 Aug 93 23:43:55 BST."
Matthew Faupel writes:

... It's not a very communicative bot is it :-(  Any more clues on how to
use it?

co'o mi'edoi matius.


Sorry about the problems you encountered with fred.  In my previous posting
I didn't even mention the bot because it is still in development.  Such a
bot is actually a copy of a generic object created using the MOO programming
language.  Fred contains a list of key words to which he responds.  He will
also repsond to sentences containing these keywords.  To see the (rather short)
list type "keys fred".

The main reason that I mentioned the MediaMOO was to encourage people to
discuss lojban and use the language interactively in a real-time environment.
We can't all go to Logfest and some beginners (including me) have trouble
following some of the threads on the list.  Also, I am sure that advanced
lojban users might appreciate additional opportunities to practice (and perhaps
to teach) the language.

The MediaMOO and other MOO environments present nearly limitless opportunities
to learn and to teach lojban (and other subjects).  I hope that many of you
take the opportunity (and a little time) to learn about the MediaMOO.

Hope to see you there.

        Kelly S. (alias Ventus)

Kelly J. Salsbery
Doctoral Candidate, Dept. of Philosophy, Syracuse University
Adjunct Instructor, Dept. of Philosophy, Le Moyne College
Syracuse, NY