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Re: Volume on LLG list


   I use a program (actually it's a Perl script) called Mailagent to process
my mail.  It allows you to set up a list of rules defining a state machine.
State transitions are based on matches with various headers of the incoming
message and a great variety of actions are possible for each state.  Right
now mail sent to barbershop-request (an alias that maps to me) with Send
in the Subject: field causes the appropriate file to be mailed back to the
sender.  Mail from my boss, several co-workers and certain friends gets
dropped into my important mail box, while mail from the various lists I'm
subscribed to goes into my lists mail box.  Even more elaborate rule sets
allow more complicated mail preprocessing.  Perl is a great language for this
sort of thing and the program is table driven so, in the unlikely event you
find something the program can't do, it would be easy to add capabilities.

Dave Bowen