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Volume on LLG list

I agree!

I can remember not too many months ago eagerly waiting for the latest copy of
JL just to read some written lojban.  Now I'm faced with the oposite problem
having to send dozens of letters to /dev/null without more than a glance at
the author and the Subject line.

Just to get the ball rolling and generate even more email to wade through :->
I'm going to as a lay person propose how the split should be organized and make
a Call For Discussion.  Note as the Exec council of LLG, i.e. Cowan and Bob,
I think they have the only votes that count, but they have historically
listened to the little people in weighing their decisions.

My proposal is as follows - the list be broken up into 3 subgroups "chartered"
as follows:

Lojban-list.announce            Official LLG announcements from the executive
                                council - Stuff like "The Textbooks are Ready!"
                                gismu rafsi changes.  Posting of the lujvo list
                                etc. And any discussion of any of the above

Lojban-list.technical           Any of the topics currently covered by the TECH
                                keyword and the discussion of same.

Lojban-list.story               Any of the topics currently covered by the TEXT
                                Keyword and the discussion of the same.

Let the "discussion" begin.

Dave Young