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On my way home ...

... I came to think that quite often "an aspect of ..." is roughly
the same as "a characteristic of ..." or even "a phase of". So it
seems I arrived at a characterization of "aspect" in my previous
posting although it never occured to me while I was trying to come
to grips with the ZAhOs.


We can say that a Lojban bridi without a ZAhO corresponds to the
unmarked aspect of some languages having aspects. In a sense the
ca'o aspect is a marked unmarked aspect, if we consider ca'o to
be a default at least under some circumstances.

There may be one difference between the Lojban aspect and that of
most of the NLs in that in Lojban the aoristic tenses may be freely
intermixed with the marked aspects.


 Veijo Vilva       vilva@viikki21.helsinki.fi