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Re: Volume on LLG list

I have since read Lojbab's answer to David's proposals, which
make clear that no change is going to happen to the list in
the near future anyway;  but nonetheless I would like to
comment on the proposals.

What occurs to me is that they look good in principle
(splitting up the list) - but I anyway would just subscribe
to them all, and somebody else (And?) has said the same.

I wonder if there are in fact people who would subscribe to just
some of them, or is this in fact a false assumption?

What would be useful is if one's mailer could sort messages
according to some criterion (source, or keyword in the
subject or something) and put them in different mailboxes
accordingly.  Mine certainly won't (TCP/Connect) - has anybody
got one that will?

Bob pointed out that Veijo proposed some header keywords.
I think I was the last person to use one of these, other than
TEXT.  It's hard to keep a practice going when nobody else

In any case, any of these methods will break down.  What of
the recent conversations (mostly between And and Jorge) which
are TECH but are also TEXT because they are in Lojban?