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Re: le se ckire (Was: TEXT Imagist)

Colin says:
> Jorge asks about my use of 'ko' in 'ckire ko'
> (I now understand the question).
> I have been using it wrongly.
> I had thought of 'ckire' as 'thank', and I thought
> it nicer to render 'thank you' as 'be thanked by me'
> rather than the plain 'I thank you'.
> Unfortunately, 'ckire' means 'grateful', so
> 'ckire ko' must mean 'do something to make
> me grateful', which is not my intention.

As the addressee of Colin's "ckire  ko", I was initially perplexed.
But then I understood it as: "be the recipient of my gratitude".
Then it didn't seem so strange. Nevertheless, I can't be the
recipient of Colin's gratitude unless Colin offers it to me, so
perhaps "mi ckire do" would indeed be better, or even just "kihe"
(= "ta very much").