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Re: le se ckire (Was: TEXT Imagist)

Jorge asks about my use of 'ko' in 'ckire ko'
(I now understand the question).

I have been using it wrongly.

I had thought of 'ckire' as 'thank', and I thought
it nicer to render 'thank you' as 'be thanked by me'
rather than the plain 'I thank you'.

Unfortunately, 'ckire' means 'grateful', so
'ckire ko' must mean 'do something to make
me grateful', which is not my intention.


Henceforward I shall be boring and say 'ckire do'
(when I want to attach an x3 - if there is'nt one,
'ki'e' is better).

The exception is the 'no smoking' example -
'ckire ko lo nu na sigdamva'u'
where the request implied in English is
explicit in the lojban, but the thanks is also