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TECH: Bytes and bits

I also forgot
samkilto  - skami kilto - computer K (1024, or 400 hex) my computer has 64K
samymegdo - - computer M (1024*1024=1048576, or 100000 hex) - as in 4Megs
samgigdo - - G
samterto - - T
The letters  are standard, lowercase for metric, uppercase for computerese.

I've yet  to hear anyone speak of petabytes, but when they do I'm  sure
you will figure out how  to make the word.

I did not include the concept of 'byte' within these words as it is in
standard english because they do not always refer to bytes in skami prenu
se bangu. Specifically Kbits and Kunspecified (as in, this counter overflows
at 64K - what it is counting is unimportant)