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Re: TEXT: xislu mu'ucutci (roller skating))

Colin Fine says
> of the selbri that that sumti fills. You have consistently used
> SE words for FA words.
I realized this soon after posting. What I have consistently done is only
proofread once, and that a short time after writing, as if I was writing
in a language I knew well enough to notice these things by translating.

> I don't know what you intended by 'le be klaji zo'e'. It's not grammatical.
> I would use 'fo lo vrici' rather than 'cenba'.

This is in the 'route' argument place for  klama. I  meant say "unspecified
street". Perhaps le klaji  be fa zo'e. I wanted to  explicitly  state that
I wasn't specifying  the street.

> To me 'lo zarci' reads oddly, because you have a specific one in mind;
> it's not wrong though.
This is probably malglico . I was not saying "the store on..." but "a store

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