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Re: TECH: SE+ZAhO, place deletion

To John Cowan respond I thus:

#Sidenote:  the question of creating a selbri with one place fewer than an
#existing selbri is still open.  The proposed method involves a magic pro-sumti
#which can be put in any place and swallows the place, but that method isn't
#well-adapted to lujvo-making.  Something that could be bound into the
#selbri would have to involve some sort of number to show which place is
#removed, but the ways of specifying place numbers (SE, FA, or PA) all
#seem intolerably ugly.  Comments?

I can think of no less ugly manner than the ones you have outlined, though
the function will come up infrequently enough in usage that this won't be
a catastrophe. Something along {xo'e zei re zei klama} = {litru}, and I
suppose a rafsi for {xo'e}. ({fe zei xo'e zei klama} would do the job even
better, but FA rafsi seem to me unfeasible.)

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