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Re: Some how do you say it's

To Colin Fine respond I thus:

#but better, I think is
#kabrylai = cup quantity, which I would define in parallel with measure gismu
# x1 is x2 cupfuls in volume (default is 1) by standard x3

kabrylai is indeed a way to go, but the place structure you've given has little
to do with that of klani; the place structure that makes sense to me is:

x1 is a quantity of x2, on the scale x3 (which is your cup standard).

Since the x1 in klani is a quantifier, this is in fact your place structure,
but with x1 and x2 switched around:

li pa cu kabryklani le tcati poi mi pinxe.

mi pinxe le se kabrylai (be li pa) tcati

We could also say kabryselmre, cup-measured-thing, though that would still
require a place for {le merli}, the measurer. The place eliminator would
come in handy here...

#What do you do to a sigja?

I really like And's {tankypli} for this one, and how he'd eliminatie snuff
from the NO SMOKING rule; {sakci} is something done by a vacuum; sigysakcygau
would be better.

#You clearly don't citka it, or pinxe it (though you do in Turkish).

(And, not surprisingly, in Greek too. 'smoke' could be translated as seldamgau,
se danmo gasnu, although that really doesn't capture inhaling --- though for
*that* purpose, it's wonderful for presidential candidates denying inhalation!

The remainder of the presentation I was entirely happy with.

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