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Re: La Cucaracha (was Re: Quine on perfectives)

la xorxes. cusku di'e

> John, you said nothing of my choice of {pu'i} over {ka'e} or {nu'o}.

I'm not equipped to judge, since the choice reflects a subtlety of the
orginal ("ya no" as an idiom) that I'm not equipped to evaluate.

> I'm not sure what {na'e pu'i} means: demonstrated inability?

It is vague: something other than (demonstrated ability).  Context has to tell
what, as with all uses of "na'e".

> > I have corrected one obsolete rafsi and
> > one obsolete cmavo.

[bogus version deleted]

> (I think cirni should be cipni)

Right!  It never occurred to me to check for obsolete gismu.  At that
early stage, the gismu list was not yet baselined, and some entries had
not yet reached their final form.  "cirni" became "cipni" in order to provide
a better rafsi assignment.

For the archives, the final form is:

        .i pa blabi papcipni
        .i mi cipni vi le tsani
        .i pa blabi papcipni
        .i ga'u lei cmana mi vofli
        .i noda le'arkakne le ka zifre po mi

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