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Re: Color words (was: Re: comments on the batch of lujvo et

>Chris Handley asseverates: ++++++++++
> I agree with most of this. If you
>think of the HLS cone (a cone with the point down) then the 'colours' can
>be arranged around the perimeter with white at the centre of the disc on
>the top and black at the point at the bottom. Then one specifies a hue by
>(essentially) an angle, saturation by a number in the range [0,1]
>(fractional distance from centre) and brightness by distance from the
>point, again [0,1]. In this system 'white/whitish' as a sort of synonym for
>'pale' or 'unsaturated' becomes reasonable.

>Colin replies++++++++++++
> It's usual to use a double cone (points at top and bottom), because as the
>brightness increases beyond the mid-point towards white,  the maximum
>perceived saturation decreases, until at white there is no freedom of
>saturation or hue.

I'll buy that.

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