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Re: Color words (was: Re: comments on the batch of lujvo et

Chris Handley asseverates:
I agree with most of this. If you think of the HLS cone (a cone with the
point down) then the 'colours' can be arranged around the perimeter with
white at the centre of the disc on the top and black at the point at the
bottom. Then one specifies a hue by (essentially) an angle, saturation by a
number in the range [0,1] (fractional distance from centre) and brightness
by distance from the point, again [0,1]. In this system 'white/whitish' as a
sort of synonym for 'pale' or 'unsaturated' becomes reasonable.

It's usual to use a double cone (points at top and bottom),
because as the brightness increases beyond
the mid-point towards white,  the maximum perceived saturation
decreases, until at white there is no freedom of saturation or