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Re: Color words (was: Re: comments on the batch of lujvo etc. psoted

Jimc says:
 I suggest that "bright" be removed as a keyword for {carmi} so that with
colors it refers only to saturation.  Then {no'e carmi} would be
"unsaturated" or "pastel".  {to'e manku} is inconvenient
but is better semantically for "bright".  {blabi} is a particular
color (zero saturation maximum brightness), and it's sloppy to use
it to mean "low saturation".
I agree with the first suggestion.
I also agree that 'blabi' is poor for 'low saturation' - if
it's used for shades, it should mean high brightness.

I would suggest that
carmi - milxe (or NAhE carmi) be used for saturation, and

gusni/blabi - manku by used for brightness.