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Re: logban '

And asks:
 Why? The only reason I've ever been given is from Lojbab, who
calimed that ' is not equivalent to h phonetically.  This
is not a very good reason, since (a) transcribing Lojban '
by [h] *would* be approved by the IPA, and (b) not all letters
of the lojban alphabet (notably c,j,y) correspond to the
phonetic values ot the same characters in the IPA alphabet.
The reason for me is two-fold (and they are related)

1) 'h' is a letter, and as a letter it is a consonant. Using it
in lojban distorts the CV structure
2) Therefore your -h- rich lojban distorts the (starting to be)
familiar pattern of lojban words and makes them much harder
for me to read. (I have to say them out loud to myself, or
mentally translate them, in order to understand them).

Obviously I could learn to read your format if I put the effort
in. I do not want to have to cope with variant orthographies
at this stage, and I prefer the standard lojban orthography
partly because it's standard and familiar, and partly because
it captures an important structural feature of the language
in a way which 'h' hides.