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Re: Color words (was: Re: comments on the batch of lujvo etc. psoted

The paired modifiers, whatever they should mean, are

carmi - kandi (=na'e carmi)
gusni - manku (=na'e gusni)
blabi - xekri (=to'e blabi)

carmi means intensity/saturation which is what I think of as the meaning of
'bright'.  Fire engine red, even if rather darker than some reds, is a
very 'bright' color to me.  Kandi means dim/pale/unsaturated/unintense.

gusni means illumination and manku non-illumination, hence these have
relatively little application to colors that I know of.

blabi means "white" and when applied as a color modifier means "light", or
pale in the sense of being whitish.  Light blue may be light because of
being mixed with whilte, or it may merely be unintensely blue.  I wouldn't
be the one to try to tell these apart, being a bit color-stupid or color-blind
(I see contrasts OK, but often make labelling error on colors).  I don't know
whether a pastel blue is a whitish one or an unsaturated one.  I know that
I have seen blues that strike me as "dull" (kandi) without in any way being
"whitish".  A blue sky can be intensely blue, but is always more "whitish"
than what I label as a standard "blue".