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real life

Other than going to the periodontist this is what I do all day, which
might shed light on my chagrin about the lack of the jargon words which
I use all day and have different and precise meanings (such as the difference
between a label, a variable, and an address; all of whihch I pondered over
for the tanru for 'variable')

As can be seen, my grammar needs work

le pareze moi lerfu cu jimte minde ciske le skama se minde ci'e la mysydos
127 characters is the limit of the command line (writing)  within the
computer command interpreter (command taker) of MS-DOS.

.i mi na galfi le lo''u "PATH" le'u skama seminde cenba vamji le clani .au
I cannot modify the PATH computer environment variable (computer command-taker
varying value) to be as long as I would like.

.i  mi ja'e finti tutci samruc le danfu be le nabmi
I therefore create a utility (tool) program to resolve the problem.

.i ra goi pilno le minde ciske le jmina be le lo'u "PATH" le'u
It (the tool program, which I then attempt to assign to 'da') Uses the command
line to add to the PATH.

.i da pilno le na skicu  ca'i la .maikrosoft skama pruce dicra
It uses a Microsoft undocumented (undescribed) processor interrupt

.i le morji judri be leI seminde cenba vamji jalge le dicra
The memory  address of the environment  (command interpreter's variables) is
returned by the iNterrupt.

.ije da galfi le morji seva'u le cenba vamji
And the program can modify the memory containing the variables.

(one more reAson to despise DOS)

Rob Brady                               rpb@panix.com
            Sin mar a bhfuil an sce'al