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logban '

>Date:         Thu, 29 Jul 1993 11:53:25 -0700
>X-To:         lojban@cuvmb.columbia.edu

>I agree with Frank Schultz and And Rosta that the apostrophe is
>very hard for existing text handlers to handle.  I would vote "yes"
>for making "h" an allograph for "'" (apostrophe), and even for making
>it the preferred form.  In fact, I think I'll edit my cmavo/rafsi
>lists with this change, because my lookup commands will then work a
>lot better.

I've liked the idea of {h} as an allograph of {'} for a long time; I'm
actually rather pleased when I see And use it.  I'm not recommending that
{'} be dropped altogether, merely that {h} be counted an acceptable
substitute, at least under some circumstances (for example, I find {'}
horribly difficult to see in handwriting, and {h} is far, far better.)