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Forwarded: Re: Re: comments on the batch of lu

Carl Burke answered me thus (and asked that I post it to the list as he had
forgotten the address:

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>Lojbab writes (although I have not seen the original question):

>> A lerfu is meant to refer to what we in English call "letters" symbols on
>>a page or other medium, but generalized to include numbers and other
>>symbolic 'marks'.  The general term for any sign or symbol is "sinxa" and
>>is not limited to visual effects or to simple ones.
>Would 'characters' be a better gloss?

'glyph' might work even better, if only the 'mark' aspect is of interest;
'character' has semantic implications, if I followed a recent discussion on
the SGML TEI newsgroup correctly.

Could you forward this to the list? I've forgotten the address.

Carl Burke

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I like 'glyph' BTW - I think it would solve many problems.

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