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Re: logban '

> > I agree with Frank Schultz and And Rosta that the apostrophe is
> > very hard for existing text handlers to handle.  I would vote "yes"
> > for making "h" an allograph for "'" (apostrophe), and even for making
> > it the preferred form.  In fact, I think I'll edit my cmavo/rafsi
> > lists with this change, because my lookup commands will then work a
> > lot better.
Eric Rauch
> I really don't think the fact that there's a bug in UNIX should override
>the good reasons for using the apostrophe.
> There were good reasons for choosing a character set with no diacritics,
>but making the orthography conform to the idiosyncrasies of one operating
>system is too much.

This has got nothing to do with Unix and everything to do with aesthetics. I
do not use Unix for any Lojban stuff, although I do use it, but I still
prefer the 'look' of "lehavla" compared to "le'avla".

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