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Re: logban '

> Frank says:
> > Using ' as an alphabetic character is incredibly stupid. My command
> > line interpreter uses ' as meaning quoted material follows. I have
> > commands which do lookup for lojban words and I use "h" to replace '
> > when I use lojban words as arguments to commands. ' is about the
> > worst possible character to use. I wind up seeing "h" and ' as synonyms
> > which is annoying. This is one of the most irritating of the lojban
> > design flaws. The lojban designers deserve a lot more heat for this
> > than they got. This is one bug that should be fixed.
> > --
> >       Frank Schulz ( fschulz@pyramid.com )

I agree with Frank Schultz and And Rosta that the apostrophe is
very hard for existing text handlers to handle.  I would vote "yes"
for making "h" an allograph for "'" (apostrophe), and even for making
it the preferred form.  In fact, I think I'll edit my cmavo/rafsi
lists with this change, because my lookup commands will then work a
lot better.

                -- jimc